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Here are the most complete JAG TV episode summaries (spoilers) found anywhere! Even if you are watching the DVD set, this site can help piece together the interwoven plots, recurring actors, back references, and subtle sub-plots. And, they are still being updated today as fans continue to offer corrections and enhancements.

Hidden Links, Backstories, Scrapbooks and Ribbons

These extensive JAG episode summaries are almost a blow-by-blow description. Much of the time they reveal things that you may have missed, especially if there is more than one plot line. Also, a US Navy consultant helped assure the technical accuracy of the episodes and even the ribbons the characters wore on their uniforms. Knowing which ribbons each character had “earned” helps understand their “back-story.”

Each major character has their own scrapbook to record the events of their lives. Bud and Harriet Roberts’ is basically their “wedding album.” For Harm and Mac, it’s two-fold. Their military career – where they traded saving each others lives back and forth and their many friends, fiance’s AND their odd on-again-off-again courtship. Also check out the scrapbooks for JAG Kids, JAG Friends and Families, and JAG Bad Guys.

“Fair Winds and Following Seas”

The term“Fair Winds and Following Seas” is obvious to sailors as the “blessing” that they bid farewell to close shipmates. To have both the winds and the waves at your back pushing you along is most ideal. And is it a fitting title for the final series episode used by CBS as it cancelled the show after 10 seasons and 227 episodes – SOLELY because of its demographic (seniors). We were too old to be of interest to CBS even though it always won its night in overall ratings.

[Just a note: There were 734,085 unique, individual visitors and millions of page views for this site before we had to change carriers. Now, even in 2012 there are close to 11,000 page views a month as the series is in syndication around the world.]

A JAG Replacement? Try Burn Notice

For several years the millions of senior viewers who searched in vain for something, anything, to replace JAG found nothing! If Bellisario thought his fame would be enough to entice the audience to his other series, he was wrong. It wasn’t until 2006, when the series Burn Notice by Matt Nix aired, that another TV series came even close to competing with JAG. True, Nix doesn’t put in much effort in being accurate about the military. But, there is an ex-Navy SEAL, Sam Axe, who is the moral compass to a “burned” spy, Michael Westen, who goes about righting wrong’s and saving clients. If you haven’t already, you should give it a viewing for a few episodes and see if you don’t get hooked. It is currently in its sixth season (2012) on the USA Network [in the US]. AND, we’ve got just as extensive summaries for it as we do for JAG! Click to visit Burn Notice Secret’s and Stories.

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  1. I just thought some kind of update might be in order here. It’s now 2017 and I still don’t have the heart to take this site down. JAG, even after this amount of time, is still the TV series upon which I tend to judge nearly every thing else that I watch. There have been several series which I’ve used as a substitute for the time I used to spend with the JAG characters, largely on the USA channel (Burn Notice, Covert Affairs, Monk and several others). At one time my video-recorder was set to record 4 at one time, all on USA because no other channel even aired such shows. But they don’t last. They usually start out with stories which interest, excite and entertain but within a year or two degenerate into either pathetic soap-opera stories or explosively intense plots full of hate and terror with little to no redeeming value. Unfortunately, today I have no recordings set for the USA Channel at all because there are none that come anywhere close. In fact, there is no series being produced at all on any channel which even comes close and I watch “Alaska” stuff till it’s coming out of my ears.

    Bellisario’s spinoffs seem to continue to be doing well; but, none of them are the same genera as JAG and absolutely none of them interest me in the slightest—even when there is nothing else on to watch.

    Amazing as it is, JAG still garners ratings when it is shown in syndication and this site still receives comments from devoted fans. There are over 2,000 page loads per week on the site – not huge by the massive standards of today; but, to put it in perspective, two thousand is certainly more than all the addresses in my address book so it seems substantial to me.

    The few pieces of advertising I’ve had to place around the site pays for its upkeep so I’ll probably leave it alone until there seems no interest. Thanks for your continued interest, I’m with ya’.

  2. There was an episode shown after the series ended in 2005 it was on CBS in the evening harm and Mac did not get married and were older also the rest of the cast it’s been several years ago and it is not on the jag DVD set does anybody have any information on it or am I losing my mind.

  3. Re: Season 2 Episode 4 Heroes,
    What is the name of the song that is playing in the background when Harm is talking to one of the SEALs in the bar starts at 39:10?

  4. I really loved JAG series, even if i did not see it from A to Z. However, there are some points quite unnerving, when the action moves abroad (from USA) or however regards foreign countries: Japan (“Innocence”). Italy, etc. and mostly Russia. It seems the scriptwriters worked on commonplaces, and hinted at controversial real facts (violence of US servicemen in Japan an south Korea, the Cermis incident in Italy, etc.) in the most possible reassuring way for american public (the first market of the series, I know…). The paramount of this “trend” is the episode “Iron Coffin”. An incident on a russian sub, about which the russians accused US ships present in the surrounding area. The intricate situation is “resolved” with a brilliant idea: a russian torpedo (“Shkval”) who acted as a boomerang, hitting the same sub wich launched it. I know the series are fictional, but US Navy consultants who helped assure the technical accuracy of the episodes should have known that the real-life “shkval” was not such a bad gadget. As a matter of fact, at the time of the episode (who was aired some months after the “Kursk” incident), it was a “state of the art” torpedo (something like the US “Mark48”), at the point that the selling of these torpedoes to China raised some arguments between Russia and USA. Not the kind of things that come back where it started, at all…

    • You hit it on the head when you said both: “American public… the first market” and “I know the series is fictional.” Donald Bellisario would have been an idiot not to realize that there would have been an overseas market for his JAG series; but, even producers close to the show have said that they had no idea how extensive it would be. Even this free web site, which started only because I wanted to keep the back-story straight, still has 10,000 visitors a week, what twelve years after production was cancelled? It truly strikes a chord with many, many people.

      Before it could do what it’s done however, it had to be a success in the home (American) market; so, you are correct in calling it a “made in America” product in not only plot lines but in technical filming aspects as well (of course films made in all countries do the same thing). Regarding the shows “technical consultants” I’ll have to take your word for it about the capabilities of the “Shkval”; however, I can do the same thing with all the medical related episodes that they produced. If to make a storyline that’s compelling they need to have a heart destined for transplant be carried in a foam container on a bicycle, or a miniscule amount of fertilizer blow up a city block, or a torpedo do a loop — the writers win.

      I do have to say that even though I thought Iron Coffin was one of the most enjoyable to me because of the novelty in plot twists, I did think the overall premise was just a tad bit “hokey.” Still to this date JAG has been the most meticulously, technically-advised and accurate TV series in history — as far as adherence to US Military policy, procedures, medals, uniforms, and technical aspects of military justice. That same thing cannot be said for even foreign military characters or interactions. Take the character Brumby for example. His uniform looked completely inadequate next to other characters when they used the “real” honors system of the British Empire; so, they added some… actually a lot. And even Harm wore a medal that he acquired from the Romanian government for an act of bravery. There seemed to be no such honor or medal and I needed to Photoshop the ribbon that I included in the blog.

      All that said, I wish it was still in production – or even would do a “reunion” episode. There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of us in the US alone who are lonely for the series.

      • Please mr Belisario work on a JAG 2, we and I’m sure I speak
        for thousands of people, want this series back it has been the best tv show of my life. I also have the dvd (10 seasons) I watched twice.
        I must know the wereabouts of Harm and Mac, Buddy and Harriet and that wonderful group of people that we missed so much! BRING THEM BACK.

  5. Actually, the more I watch the show episodes, the more I am sickened by the horrible way Mac was treating Harm. She wants harm to be her fall back guy while she has affairs with Dalton, with Brumby and finally with Webb. The finale (FWAFS) and that coin toss that never ended, was a cheap way of getting out of the mess.

    For those of you asking about the Mac/Harm wedding – have you realised that NOT ONCE in that final episode (FWAFS) did Mac actually say those 3 words – actually 4 words – to Harm. She never once said – I love you Harm. He said I love you, several times, but she never did RETURN it. Usually that means she doesnt love him.

    I am no longer a Harm/Mac shipper because of the horrible way she treated him.

    • Agree with you, but for a bit different reason. To me the Harm-Mac, on again off again social entanglements was always handled way too soapbox-drama’esqe for me. They really wanted to use Catharine Bell in the series against DJEs character (and I’m glad they did) so they needed to contrive that hokey (looks identical to former girlfriend) ploy. Then, without anything to set it up, we’ve told that they were “nearly” engaged. On and on and on infinitum. However, that was a writing issue, I think, for the most part. Look at all the absurd theatrics that the characters Bud and Harriet went through and the arrogant, infantile way she treated him.

      The whole series began, was enjoyed and rose to the top of the rankings without all the soap-box crap but then the networks began screwing around with idiot demands and all the social drama was inflicted on the plot lines, many times in the most absurd, hokey and contrived means possible and completely unrealistic and unbelievable. By the time the tenth season came around the plot had become so changed and convoluted by the writers that they had no clue what type of character really worked in the series — enter the “short-man-syndrome-inflicted” Cresswell and the complete boob Vukovick.

      All that said, I wish it was still in production (with the original values) — or even do a reunion episode. Judging by the numbers of people who still, thirteen years after cancelling production, view and comment on this blog, there are millions of us who are lonely for the series.

      • A reunion made for TV movie would be interesting. The first thing we would have to find out is who “won” the toss? Is Harm or Mac still in the military?

        Here is my suggestion …

        Harm has won the toss and after 10 years is now the JAG. Maddie is now 26 and a Navy combat pilot after several years of intensive therapy. Maddie’s Super Hornet is hit and she bails out over Afghanistan. Harm and Mac then embark on a mission to rescue her. Meanwhile back at JAG headquarters, Bud is acting JAG in Harm’s absence and Vukovick and Graves are the new Harm and Mac.

  6. Am I insane or did Admiral Chegwiddon have a love who got blown up on his doorstep by some bad guy and he and Harm tracked the guy down?

    • found it in season two on your site! #30-Ghosts. My favorite episode although I’ve only seen it once. Thanks for a great episode guide!

    • Yes, the death kind of sneaked upon us. It was a judge I believe. Can’t recall her name right now (but you should find her in the Chegwidden scrapbook). Was killed in the episodes about C’s past in Vietnam.

      • It was “Waltzing Matilda.” I think part of the lyrics go, “And he sang as he watched and waited till his billy boiled. You’ll come a-waltzing Matilda with me.”

      • Absolutely, yes! Now I understand what you were asking. Using terms like “that guy” left me not understanding what episode you were referencing and who. That segment was actually aired in a couple of episodes. First in the original episode where Trevor Goddard’s character Brumby left the story line AND second as a tag in memorium at the end of a subsequent episode after Goddard had died.

    • Is there any where we can write for them to put Jag back on tv? I love watching it. Does not matter how many times I watch them I like it. I wish they would bring it back where they left off.

      • Sorry… I know of no way to even voice a complaint at this late date – It’s been off the air now for over ten years and actors have moved on. Way on. The only way I can think of would be to write to Bellisario directly – he still has his hand in TV as witnessed by all the CSI episodes and spinoffs. Perhaps if enough viewers deluge him with mail he’d realize just what an opportunity he’s missing. D J Elliot, as I understand, has been In the past the key “wet blanket” to a “reunion” or “sequel”; but, perhaps with the added time his mind has changed.

  7. Help me please! – Does any one know the name of the episode aired today Wednesday 10 October 2012 Channel 11, Sydney? I missed the end where Harm twist towards a victory withouit offending superiors!!!

    • You will probably find the episode name on the TV schedule at your TV stations web site. You can probably figure out what it was my reading (searching) the descriptions on this site under “episodes” index. Or maybe someone could have helped you if you gave them more to go on.

      • Thanks DJ
        I was tyrying to check it out the TV guides on line but to no avail. Thank you for the tip I will have to resort to the old fashion, but reliable, way …..TV guide in the paper.

  8. I have just seen series 1 on dvd and in it Harm is arrested for murder.Series 2 doesn,t follow on when do we see the follow on episode.When I watched it on tv i remember Mac dressing as the murder victim to get a confession it is that series 2 opener didn,t make sense how did Harm get off the charge.

    • Yep… I know that part of the series is confusing BUT as I’ve already pointed out in the episode notes – the season one cliff hanger was already written and shot before the network decided to cancel the show. The creator (Bellisario) scrambled and got an entirely different network to pick up the series the next year. Even though the cliff-hanger had actually been completed and filmed (I don’t think it had even been aired, but I could be wrong) – Bellisario decided to proceed on the new network as though it never had happened at all. In fact, for years, most of us were completely perplexed by the discontinuity because no one had even told the fan base (at least the majority of us). The cover story was that Mac (who played Schonke) “just happened” to be the clone of Harm’s dead girlfriend. Much later in the series, some of the original footage was actually used in an episode where Harm does actually solve the mystery. Harm had found out who had done it and was going to “take care of him” on his own. Mac got wind of it and didn’t want Harm to be a vigilante so called him on it during a pouring rain-storm. He sped off and left her standing so she “borrowed” Harriet’s navy uniform to go intercept Harm. When she got to the dock, Harm had already accosted the “perp” and was getting ready to do him in when the guy spotted Shoenke’s “ghost” (Mac in the navy uniform) and fell backwards off the dock to be crushed by the ship. The murder got solved and avendged; but, Turque’s arrest of Harm was never explained or followed up on.

  9. Hi I happen to agree with the rest of the people on this site jag was a great show not to show a happy ending with concerns to harm and macs wedding is a bit disappointing Is there a chance of any more seasons of jag

    • You know, I used to think there was a chance. Now, I don’t know, but it seems doubtful. They’ve actually had several good opportunities but didn’t take them. Fan’s have been (are still) amazingly supportive and “Mac” has been asked about a “reunion” show several times, always showing interest; however, “Harm” (DJE) just has never even commented. Bellisario’s “spin-off” seems to just keep hanging on season after season – much lower budget – so I would doubt there is any incentive there, even if there was interest. The chill that seems evident from the cast and creator makes one think that there was some kind of ill feelings back in the day that just undermines the idea. Too bad… really!

  10. I don’t know if they will do a JAG movie but I certainly hope they do. I have just finished watching the 10 seasons and I’m starting round 2. I, for one, was exceedingly disappointed that they didn’t do much more with Harm and Mac. I really felt rather cheated. The writers spent so much time throughout the entirety of the series dealing with their ins and outs, but, during the last season, I felt like I was slapped in the face because they just never really gave the viewers any satisfaction of their relationship finally working out. I’m not criticizing just disappointed. Hopefully, the CBS people or whomever these comments may count with will take these sort of comments to heart and give us some satisfaction. (By the way… I have never left a comment about anything for any reason.)

  11. I agree! After so many on-off relational issues between Harm & Sarah; it was cruel to not so show them finally together achieving heir long-held dreams

  12. jag to me was the best show ever on tv. Harm and mac went through so much together, it’s a shame we never did get to see who resinged their job and we never got to see their wedding. Please do one more show for the millions of jag fans. Thank you

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