Cabin Pressure – 99

Written by: Dana Coen; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

The JAG, Chegwidden (C), assigned Harm (H) and Mac (M) to investigate the murder of PO Chinick aboard the USS Suribache, while Chegwidden flew to the USS Manassas for a retirement party of, Vice Admiral Richard Kern, the last other member of his SEAL team on active duty. PO De Mara (Dm) had been seen leaving the machinery room, where Chinick was found with a rope around his neck, and was put in the brig where H was interrogating him with Chief Master at Arms Sturdevant. The ship hit an uncharted reef and was grounded blocking the brig hatch and trapping them all below. De Mara freaked out and became very angry and loud. Above, M called to the brig and told H that Chinick had been discovered to be a “one man black market for booze, drugs, and porn” and because of the captain’s suspicions, the NCIS was going to have arrested him when they docked.

Bud (B), who was dog-sitting Jingo, discovered that Dm went through a captains mast on his last ship for having a “habit of falling asleep on watch.” Harm told M that “to call DM unstable would be an insult to unstable people.” The brig began leaking and Dm attacked Sturdevant when he tripped while trying to remove Dm from the cell in handcuffs. De Mara now had the gun and forced H to continue to talk about the murder. Harm deduced that Dm was having withdrawals from drugs. De Mara admitted that Chinick had been his supplier of seed, so he could stay awake; but had continued to raise prices, claiming that he had “increased overhead.” He said that he and Chinick had argued then, later, he got a note from Chinick to meet him in the mechanical room. The note was still in the sweatband of his cap in his locker and H said that he would be able to lift some fingerprints from it because someone may be trying to frame him.

Chegwidden was worried about “slowing down” in his abilities and Kern reminisced that they had always said “if they couldn’t be out front they’d rather be out of sight.” The Manassas (with C on board) was sent to assist the Suribache (with H and M) and during the tow the ship shifted, trapping Dm under a heavy steel cage with the water rising. Then, the phone went dead and chlorine gas began leaking. Chegwidden told M that “H is too pig headed to leave this world, he’ll find a way out.” Mac asked “even if they offer him wings, sir?” Lt Jenarette finally opened the hatch and Sturtevant came out but told everyone that H and DM were dead. They resealed the hatch and left them there. The Capt. wouldn’t let Jenarette go back with breathing equipment. Chegwidden and M argued with him but he didn’t give in. Chegwidden didn’t believe Sturtevant’s story so, outranking the captain, C went to rescue H himself with Jenarette. Just as the water was passing Dm’s mouth, the ship shifted and released him. He asked H “how did you do that?” and H answered “faith.” When they eventually were able to get up to the hatch which had been locked, H asked, rhetorically, “how are we going to get out?” DM answered, “faith, sir?” just as C opened the hatch and brilliant light streamed down on them.

Harm, appeared in Sturtevant’s quarters dripping wet and asked him if he had a towel. Harm and C told the captain that Sturdevant was “on the take” with Chinick and, when he found Chinick was going to be arrested, killed him so he wouldn’t talk. He framed Dm and when Dm revealed that he had a note in his locker which proved his innocence, Sturtevant decided to kill them both too. The captain asked “how did you know they were alive.” Chegwidden responded “we didn’t” and M said they just had “experience with H.” The captain asked H if he was “tenacious” and C broke in “have you ever tried to get gum off your shoe?”

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