Boomerang – Part 1 – 100

Written by: Donald Bellisario; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

[A confusing but somewhat key JAG episode written by the series creator.]

During the Vietnam war PO Kevin Lee of the USS Chicago and Ian Dunsmore of the Australian Navy had a fight over Dunsmore’s old girlfriend, Jenny Brooker, when the Chicago docked in Sydney Australia. Jealous, Dunsmore, with his buddies, started a fight then continued it alone on an amusement park dock. Dunsmore pulled a switchblade then was killed in the tussle when they both fell on his knife. Lee, having been forced to marry a girl who was pregnant in Tennessee decided to switch identities with Dunsmore and married Jenny under the name Tom Kingsley. After living in Woolgoolga, in the bush, they eventually moved to Sydney and opened the Uluru restaurant. When their home was burgled a policeman recognized Jenny then eventually arrested “Dunsmore” aka Lee aka Kingsley. He said that he wouldn’t talk until JAG was called so Brumby (Brum), the prosecutor, called Chegwidden (C) to request that Harm (H) and Bud (B) come down to handle the case. Mac (M) was upset that Brum would “sink so low” because he had been trying to get her to Australia ever since he had left. He offered plane tickets and sent her water temperature Emails daily. Then, knowing she wasn’t requested, she was really upset- Harm said: “he’s one smart dingo.”

When they arrived, Brum talked to Bud but ignored H then offered to let H drive thinking he would make a fool of himself driving on the left side. Harm played into it and gave them a harrowing ride; but, then parallel parked the SUV with ease before announcing he had learned to drive in the Bahamas (on the left side) as a kid. Harm and Brum stare, smirk, snipe, snarl and malign each other the whole episode. After Brum had snarled accusations at Lee, hell-bent to convict him for murder, and H had calmly tried to find the truth, B told them there were “real good at playing good-cop/bad-cop.” In unison they responded “who’s playing!”

Washington DC was buried in a blizzard and M caught cold. Harm called to convince C to extradite Lee for trial but was turned down. Brum smugly sniped that only H had ever been uncertain who had jurisdiction and H told him that “one day they would strip blouses.” Brum retorted “the question has only ever been: ‘when!'” Harm believed that civilian courts would handle it but then found that Brum had gotten himself appointed as prosecutor and was upset. Chegwidden apparently left it up to Brum’s Australian CO to inform him that H had been appointed defense counsel (?!) Mac volunteered and finagled a trip to Australia to accompany the “real” Dunsmore’s body back. Chigwidden quipped to Gunny that he wished he could be there to see the story (H, M and Brum) unfold. Immediately upon Ms arrival, Brum became “on-the-make” and convinced her to go to the beach with him. He whined at her about wearing an “Australian bikini” (hat and bottoms) over her objections that he could just tie her straps behind her. [it wasn’t shown if he complied or not] Bud and H saw them sitting together believing she was topless. Bud thought he was talking to gunny about the topless beaches but Harriett was on the phone and spent the rest of the episode in a snit. Brum took H and B to lunch, unknowingly at the Uluru restaurant where Jenny overheard them talking and ran away. Talking with Lee, B revealed that desertion charges were usually dropped and the Irony was that his wife Jenny’s testimony would probably be believed if it was against him but wouldn’t be now that he was married to her. Harm voiced his disrespect of Lee saying that “my father died doing his duty and you lived running from yours.” Lee asked “how can I trust that you won’t let them hang me?” and H responded “because, like my father, I do my duty.” When H finally got to talk to Jenny she “parroted” her description of events and told them “you don’t want to know what I really remember, because it would hang him.” (Continued to next episode)

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