Boomerang – Part 2 – 101

Written by: Donald Bellisario; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

[Continuation of a confusing (on many levels) but somewhat key episode, written by the JAG series creator. See that episode’s synopses for explaination of the characters and plot to date.]

Brumby (Brum) continued to bait JAG officer Harm (H) with his insipid smirk, especially regarding Mac (M) and rubbing oil on her etc. Harm had to dress in a wig for the Austrailian court then right out of the box embarrassed Brum for his lack of providing even proof of death. The judge chastised Brum and gave the custody of Lee to the defense on the desertion charge. Outside the court, Lee was attacked by, Barry Toohey, the former friend of Dunsmore’s who had been keeping watch when Dunsmore had gone to attack Lee. Harm pulled Toohey off Lee, then Lee hit Toohey. Brumby pulled Toohey off then stared at Harm. They both said “let go” and did, then reared back to take a swing at each other. Seeing it, Bud (B) jumped in the middle and was slugged from both directions breaking his jaw in two places.

Chegwidden flew to Australia in a rage to “keelhaul” Harm; but, B (going through M as interpreter for his wired-jaw mumble) let them both off the hook. Mac was the only one who understood him saying she had “learned the language” when her father’s jaw had been wired for 3 months. Chegwidden didn’t believe B, so made H and Brum go into a warehouse and duke it out until reaching “as much pain as you inflicted on B!” Mac invited H to dinner and tried to have a romantic conversation with him. Harm was very uneasy and she opinioned that “you’re just this way with me, aren’t you?” He said “yes, only with you.” She responded “I suppose I should be flattered” and he said “you should be, Sarah.” At Luna park they discovered that there couldn’t have been a cleat to trip over as was claimed, so both Lee and Jenny had lied. Back at court, both all beat up, H and Brum began again. Chegwidden and M sat together comparing their ratings over the speeches.

Toohey continued to lie on the stand claiming that Lee “never owned a knife and was killed by that sepo bastard.” Harm calmly proved that he was deliberately lying. Brum smugly presented documents of Lee’s previous marriage and called Jenny to testify against Lee. Harm countered with documents of his own that Lee had married Jenny after being declared dead in Tennessee which should have prevented her testifying but the judge said “this wasn’t Tennessee” and allowed it.

Harm had to have the judge keep Brum “a respectable distance” from the witness; but Brum was able to manipulate her reenactment of the stabbing to his advantage. She, however, surprised everyone by saying she “couldn’t lie anymore and Lee had stabbed Dunsmore.” Lee told H that he had put everything they owned into Jenny’s name when he was arrested so H began tailing Jenny. They got video tape of her leaving her 2-times-per-week “art class” amorously with “Harold” which they presented in court. She finally recanted and said she lied because she wanted Harold and Harold wanted money. Lee was found not guilty then talked H into letting him have the night to go try to “save his marriage.” That night M finally went to dinner with Brum who completely threw himself at her saying he would “make ANY sacrifice.” He proposed while she was looking up at the Southern Cross; but, when she hesitated he insisted on her “wearing the ring on the other hand so when she decides she can change it.” They both then saw the boat Uluru sailing by with Lee, Jenny and Harold all celebrating their deception. The next day they were all at the airport awaiting Lee’s return, expecting just to return for his perfunctory military separation hearing. Instead H arrested him for desertion and H said he was “going to go for the death penalty for doing it in a time of war.” Chegwidden mused that the death penalty might not happen but “life in prison is a slam dunk.”

They met Clayton Webb at the airport who thanked them for not blowing his cover. They had seen him several times, unacknowledged, while they had been there. Each time with a different girl and speaking a different language. Boarding the plane M embraced and kissed Brum. Chegwidden advised Harm “you win some, you loose some.” Then “don’t look back.” Harm did anyway.

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