People vs. Gunny – 102

Written by: Larry Moskowitz; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

Gunny (G) and his friend Manny were dropped off by a cab in front of a gay bar. A gay, Ed Proxy bumped into Manny who ridiculed gays. Proxy insulted right back and Manny pressed him against the wall. Gunny broke it up by holding Manny’s arms and the pathetic Proxy took a cheap shot and slugged Manny, kicking him in the groin. Gunny was defending Manny by slugging Proxy, when Tiner (Ti) came out of the bar, took a swing at G and was decked by him before Gunny could recognizing who he was. Mac (M) was all excited about her new ring and tried it on her left hand where it got stuck. She hid her hand from Harm (H) who came in asking her to take some cases for him while he was in Iceland. When she kept the ring hidden he advised her to put “shampoo on her finger” and the ring would come off. Renee called from Valencia California where she was directing a Demented Dead Souls video. She pushed him into saying he missed her, then made a date saying he had stood her up twice and only got one more chance.

Lt Aldridge was at JAG while his ship was in port. He commented on Tiner’s black eye, Harm’s bruised face and Bud’s wired jaw. Detective Wanda Shilling, Baltimore PD, came after G for gay-bashing outside the pony express lounge. He told her what had happened and she seemed to believe him until he refused to give her Manny’s identity. Proxy had a broken nose and cracked rib and had lied that G just beat him up “for no reason at all.” Gunny asked Ti to get Proxy to drop charges. He said “he’s your boyfriend.” Tiner denied that he was, so G asked if he “wanted to be outed” to which Ti flew off the handle. He said “you’re the one who misunderstood.” Gunny talked to Manny, who offered to talk with the cops, but G refused; because, with only nine months to go it might effect his retirement benefits. Shilling came back with a warrant for Gs arrest because Ti went to them and offered to be a witness against G. The JAG, Chegwidden (C), had to intervene and take jurisdiction of the investigation. Harm and M did the investigation and G told them that while Manny was doubled over from the kick to his privates he tried to stop the attack on him. Tiner told them that Ed was gay and they had been in the gay bar. Mac told H that going to gay bar doesn’t mean you’re gay and H responded “like wearing an engagement ring on your right hand doesn’t mean your engaged.” They agreed it should go to a hearing and recommended Mattoni for defense and Aldridge for prosecution.

Baxter Stark, from the attorney generals office, came to Chegwidden and in front of Judge Owen Sebring claimed that the Navy was incapable of prosecuting hate crimes. Sebring noted that Stark was running for states attorney and before more was said, C dismissed Stark who retorted “we’ll be watching you.” Proxy blatantly lied on the stand and Aldridge bumbled around trying to bring in other issues. After H cross examined him, Ti realized that Proxy could be lying so tried to get him to drop the charges. Proxy refused and asked for his support holding him by the back of the neck. Harm asked M what she had against Renee and she responded “I’m just surprised you like that type.” Then when M accused H of having problems with Brumby (Brum) he parroted back “I’m just surprised you like that type.” Mac called it a “friendship ring” to Harriet (Ht).

In Gs testimony he called proxy’s attack on the fettered Manny “an act of a coward.” Gunny refused to give Sebring Manny’s name so was charged with disobeying a lawful order. Sebring decided that the only evidence against G was the un-cooborated complaint by Proxy so it was dismissed. However, in the hallway, Stark had G re-arrested again for a civil trial. Stark told Sebring and C that the trial was biased. How else could you explain it with such a pitiful defense (Mattoni) and inept prosecution (Aldridge). He accused the entire military of bias. Chegwidden, very restrained, told him that “we all know your only intent is to bolster your campaign. You’re nothing but a hypocrite and opportunist and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let a bottom feeder like you further your personal ambition trampling the integrity of this office.”

Stark acted as the prosecuting attorney and C defended G himself. Despite Gs magnanimous act, Manny, a true bigot, called JAG at night and left a message designed to get rid of Tiner. He claimed to M, who answered the phone, that he was Josh, Tiner’s lover and wanted him to come home because he loved him. Chegwidden gave Ti the benefit of the doubt and told M to advise him to keep his domestic life under control. Then, at long last, Tiner gave up his act and admitted to M that Proxy was his gay half-brother. Mac told C, so he called Tiner back on stand and asked him directly if he was gay. Tiner said “no, no one asked me.” (?!) Tiner claimed that he just “wanted to see how it felt.” He claimed that suddenly “everything took on a double meaning, some people bent over backward not to be offensive, others pulled away like I was contagious.” Chegwidden won Gs acquittal but Stark gloated “what defeat, they (the gays) see me as their protector. I just picked up a few thousand votes!” Chegwidden gave G a letter of admonishment and forfeiture of half months pay for disobedience.

Harm was sent to Keflavik Iceland to attend a NATO conference and told Renee that he would be gone. Without confirming the date she just showed up at JAG then disbelieved M that H was snowed in in Iceland. She took Tiner to dinner instead. Harriett was back to replace G during the trial and flounced around making Bs life miserable cause “it’s so much fun making them pay.”

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