Bridge at Kang So Ri – 103

Written by: Ed Zuckerman; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

[A JAG episode with more than usual amounts of plot “holes”]

A US military unit in the Korean war had orders not to let anyone cross the bridge at Kang So Ri. When a whole bunch of what looked like civilians tried to cross, then kept coming even after warning shots were fired, the unit opened fire when one of the people crossing put his hand inside his jacket. Apparently no investigation was done to definitively ascertain whether the killed “civilians” were even carrying weapons. Twenty three years later some of the soldiers gave press interviews claiming they had shot civilians. A general Wolfe had headed the former investigation which had exonerated the men and was believed to be a man of integrity by the South Koreans. The North Koreans, however, didn’t believe it. Wolfe, arrogant and insulting, was accompanying JAG officer’s Harm (H) and Mac (M) on their new investigation. They were surprised to find Renee Peterson on the 747 to Korea with them. She said she was doing a ZNN interview with Charley Hoskins (one of the informers). True to her form, she went careening all around the plane, alienating people, insulting Mac and claimed that she had already talked to the N Koreans. She played the “hurt lady” when H reminded her about confidentiality and had to tell her that she couldn’t say that “was working WITH them” because she wasn’t.

Wolfe told Renee that two days before the bridge incident soldiers had let civilians pass with pregnant women who turned out to be soldiers with grenades in belly packs and had killed 11. Then, terrorists took over the plane with a gun made from smuggled in parts and placed in the Vegetarian meal cartons. Solla Jong, a woman, claimed that Hoskins had killed her grandparents. She, with her two male companions, shot the co-pilot and ordered the plane to N Korea. She said she was going to have a trial of Wolfe and Hoskins for murder. Mac masqueraded as a flight attendant and hid a fire extinguisher under her seat.

When he found out about it, Chegwidden (C) sent Bud (B) to find Webb (W) and get information. It turned out that Renee was the one who had given their flight information to the N Koreans and Solla threatened to shoot her if H didn’t tell the location of M. Harm didn’t tell but M stood up. Chegwidden and the SECNAV monitored the flight and communications from the conference room. The SECNAV refused to scramble fighters saying that the N Koreans would help because they wanted the US aid dollars. North Korea revealed that the terrorists were counter-revolutionary anarchist, adventurers and that they were going to deny them entrance into Korean air space. Solla wanted Renee to film their mock trial with H and M as attorneys and Solla as the judge. The N Koreans launched mig’s but the SECNAV still refused to put up fighters eventually admitting that Wolfe was in intelligence and knew the whole network of N Koreans who had turned spy.

Just as Solla was going to shoot Wolfe and Hoskins, she found out about Wolfe’s intelligence connection. The SECNAV claimed that he had info from the CIA that the N Koreans wouldn’t fire; so, C called W himself. Webb confidentially communicated that the CIA actually knew that the plane would be shot down but didn’t want to compromise their agents. So, Chegwidden called the president himself. The N Korean mig’s were coming at the plane to prevent entrance; so, the pilot refused Solla’s new order to take Wolfe into N Korea and turned back. She shot him and the plane dove toward the ocean. Harm scrambled forward and pulled the plane out of the dive. Mac sprayed one man with the fire extinguisher and Wolfe knocked him out. Harm grabbed Solla’s gun while M decked her. The third man shot Hoskins and Wolfe shot him down. Harm played “chicken” with two migs flying directly toward him. Clinton was shown finally scrambling fighters and H evaded migs again as they were locking on with missiles. Harm told the fighters “Navy at controls” and when a mig locked and fired missiles, Harm warned the fighters to break left then dropped chaff. Harms engine flamed and had to be extinguished. The migs turned tail and ran when they could see that it was a fair fight. Harm was able to land the 747 with a few reminders from the tower. Renee got her film. Mac, in the co-pilots chair, said that the “next time she would take a boat.”

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