The Witches of Gulfport – 106

Written by: Dana Coen; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

[For some reason this episode has been shown many times. To me, it was less interesting than most other episodes having a weak and often silly plot line and acting.]

JAG officer Mac (M) went undercover as CPO Bonnie Johnson inside a Mississippi Wicken coven in order to investigate the claim of PO Plunket that she had been raped after being bewitched by chief Lane Merker the “high priest.” Harm (H) and Bud (B) also investigated the incident with her. None of them were able to obtain much imformation so they decided to “go public” in order to see if M could pick up more inside “talk.”

A slick southern attorney countered Plunkets testimony that she had not been able to move or talk. Another wicken, Seaman Stortz, was upset at the turn of events and, failing to get compliance, M introduced her to Harm. Harm called M to the stand. The Judge wouldn’t let her give “hearsay”; so H called Stortz and she refused to talk even with threats of contempt. Harm quoted the hearsay exemption rule, so M could testify, and Stortz finally testified that Merker had forcibly raped her also, but without spells. Merker was found guilty.

Tiner (Ti) received an “all seeing eye pyramid” which B had ordered for research. Tiner believed that Chegwidden (C) had accidentally used the tower to “curse” both congressman Steelsmith the ACLU rep, Wilfred Waller. When C had enough of Tiner’s speculation he transferred his “power” to Tiner who then began using it on people’s problems at JAG. Seeing that, C destroyed the pyramid. Mac called Brumby (Brum)several times. He was also undercover and making out with a lady arms smuggler. The episode closed with Brum and M “talking dirty” to each other over the phone.

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