Legacy (Part I) – 111

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[Two part JAG season opener important to Harm’s backstory]

Russian helicopter pilot Sergei Zhukov was shot down over Chechnya by a missile. Before it exploded he went back for his papers which turned out to be a photo of American JAG officer Harmon Rabb (H). Harm was sent to Russia to “advise” on the Russian military’s legal system. Chegwidden (C), told him “just don’t shoot holes in their courtroom ceilings.” He was stuck in an old lavatory with a selection of files 30 years old in Russian. A Russian came in appearing drunk and going to use the toilet before H strongly stopped him. He helped H read some Russian files until H showed insight into Russian soldiers’ problems then dropped his drunk act. Capt Volkonov told him that some “do-gooders” in the Kremlin arranged Hs mission but “these people see no advantage in it.” He enlisted Hs support in going after a corrupt Col Gen, Arkady Krylov. He showed H Krylov’s mansion which he had obtained by selling weapons to Chechens. Krylov was the Dept Commander of Western Forces who were actually fighting the Chechens!

They both went to Krylov’s base, ostensibly to observe the legal system, and Krylov assigned Zhukov to fly them around only in a limited area. Eventually Zhukov told H that the missile which had shot him down was Russian and rumors were that arms convoys from Kanyshev arrive with less than their full manifests. Harm and Volkonov flew with Zhukov to do air support for the next convoy. Zhukov dropped them off to inspect the manifest and was ordered to go to Bamut while they did. The convoy was ambushed and everyone killed except H and Volkonov. When Zhukov returned, H slugged him for setting them up and called him a liar. Sergei said he “would not lie to the son of Lt Harmon Rabb” and explained that Rabb Sr. had escaped from a Siberian Gulag and was taken in by a farm woman in the village of Suishchevo. He later died defending the woman from drunken soldiers; and, the woman was his mother; so, H was his brother.

Mac (M) and Bud (B) were prosecuting Cdr Wade Carlton who had been caught selling secrets to a Russian Embassy agent Andre Suknoff. Carlton tried to bargain with M for his cooperation but was blown up in a car bomb. Chegwidden, M and B went over all the information he had sold and found a map of Michigan and some plans for an unknown plant named “rouge.” Bud found a new phone number which Carlton had called several times after his arrest and it turned out to be Clayton Webb’s (W). Webb said that Carlton had wanted to trade information on a big operation but W had delayed until after the trial which was, of course, now too late.

Brumby (Brum) was at Ms apartment fixing dinner when W came with information so he was sent to walk Jingo. Mac and B accompanied W to find the person who recently bought a remote control device and met “Mark Falcon”- Major Sokol at the house. Sokol said that the assassin was Vasilieve Rokatov but that he had already left. Mac and Brum were going out again when Sokol came with new information so Brum took Jingo for another walk. Sokol told M, W and B that Rokatov had also been paid for an earlier assassination in the US but it had been cancelled then recently rescheduled. Bud put together that it was the Detroit “rouge” auto plant which President Putin had planned to visit. A military faction, which Suknoff and Krylov were in, had Carlton killed because he had guessed their plan. Krylov was then shown talking to Rokatov in Russia.

Webb convinced C that M should go to Russia to act independently pursuing the assassin of Carlton because they were uncertain which KGB faction Sokol was really in. Chegwiddn accused him that he just wanted a “stalking horse to stir things up” and W agreed. He told M to “go get ’em” then menacingly told W “you better keep an eye on her.” Harriet (Ht) returned Madonna’s dress which she had worn at the gala; but it had cheesecake stains on it. Then she had pelvic pains at JAG and C took her to the doctor’s office. They met Dr. Gettis who was just then ordering a Porsche because he was a “short timer.” He did an ultrasound which showed that she just had ligament strain and that the baby was a girl. Brum fished for assurance that M wanted him there in Washington, after quitting the navy and moving to DC without telling her. Bud was assigned to defend the Navy against a suit by a contestant in a reality show who had been “rescued” from a sinking raft against her will, thus causing her to loose the contest.

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