Legacy (Part II) – 112

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[The continuation of the JAG season opener, an important episode to Harm’s back-story]

Sergei Zhukov, Harm’s (H) recently found brother, showed H a photo that he carried of Harmon Rabb Sr and Sergei’s mother together in Russia. Meanwhile, Alexi the opportunist cab driver, met Mac (M) and Webb (W) at the airport. Mac asked him if he was still working for the CIA, KGB, FSB or Russian Mafia. Sokol interrupted them with: “no, for me.” Sokol was upset that they were in Russia and was going to deport them until W offered to work for him; because, “who else can you trust?” Sokol took W with him and told them both that H had already gone to investigate Krylof without realizing he was in the middle of the investigation of Rokotof the assassin.

Mac asked Alexi what the fare was to Chechnya. They discovered that Corporal Trapeznikov, the communication clerk who called Sergei the order to abandon the convoy, was now gone. He had been granted an early discharge by Krylov. So they went to the exit camp and luckily they found him. Trapeznikov said that it had actually been Krylov who had ordered the guards to withdraw. He also told them were to find the original signed order. Mac, speaking Russian fluently, bribed her way through a guard which had been ordered to “stop a Moscow taxi.” Changing a flat tire, Alexi wanted to turn back and alluded to her love for H. She said she was practically engaged to Brumby (Brum) and Alexi asked “how many artillery attacks have you driven through for him?” Harm and Volkonov did find the signed order but Krylov planted stolen weapons on Sergei’s helicopter and arrested him on a trumped-up charge of treason. Webb panicked that now M was missing. Sokol confessed that he had manipulated Hs whole situation and that he did “like H” which is why he had “thrown something extra in the pot for him to meet a family surprise.”

Harm and Volkonov were allowed to defend Sergei but their witness was “accidentally killed” in a mine accident. The trial was a “set-up” with graft-ridden judges who denied all motions and threatened to jail H for submitting evidence against Krylov. Krylov lied and H had to refute him with the information that Sergei was his brother. Sokol lost Rokatov from his surveillance. President Putin was flying to visit his troops at Krylov’s camp. Sergei was sentenced to death, after the judges denied any appeal, to be carried out the next day. Harm and Volkonov went to appeal to Krylov for a stay of execution in order to appeal to Putin, which was their right under their law. Krylov said they could “ask Putin themselves this afternoon when he comes.” When M arrived, Harm, Sergei and Volkonov were all locked in the brig together, close to where Putin was to be arriving shortly. She spotted Rokatov; then, when she went to inform them all of the assassin, she was locked in as well. Rokatov drove a vehicle loaded with explosives next to the brig; then, when guards tried to keep them inside, H subdued them and they went after Rokatov. Sergei defused the remote device and H hot-wired the vehicle. Harm chased Rokatov, who had the remote detonator, down the tarmac. He caught up with him just as Sokol and W arrived to arrest him. Sergei refused to go back with H even with Ws 1st class upgrade.

Bud (B) defended the navy in a suit brought by Miss Reynolds, a reality show contestant, for causing her to lose a million dollars when they “rescued” her from her sinking raft in the ocean. The same full-of-herself, I-am-the-law civilian judge as in other episodes was a survivor fan and “chatted” with Reynolds on the stand. Reynolds claimed she didn’t want to be rescued. Captain Anson said he thought that her unrealistic combativeness was delirium and that he had never heard of the TV show. Bud showed that the captain was under orders to rescue anyone in distress in the sea. Reynolds was belligerent and condescending about the ships sailors who hadn’t even heard of the show – B put her in her place.

The shows producer, Berlin, said that Reynolds had been in no real danger, then pre-emptively announced that Reynolds had been selected as the first contestant in their new series “marry me now” and would win $1 million if she was married within four hours. The judge dismissed the case when Reynolds began asking everyone in the courtroom to marry her. Brumby came to JAG, ostensibly to deliver a witness list, but asked Chegwidden (C) about Ms whereabouts. Chegwidden asked him if he was “more bothered that M was missing or that H was missing with her.”

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