JAG TV – 115

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Ensign Kingsly killed Misty James, her husband Andy’s lover, with a pipe while she was forcing Andy to break up with Misty as she watched. JAG attorneys Harm (H) and Mac (M) investigated and found that Kingsley and her husband had different stories but James had no defensive marks on her body and the fingerprints on the pipe, which were hers, were placed over spinal fluid meaning that she was attacked by surprised and the pipe placed in her hand after she had been hit.

When Kinsley was arrested she hired Juanita Ressler, Ms old law school professor, to defend her. Ressler had her appear in the press where she claimed that she used self defense and had screamed out “they are trying to kill me.” The press went into a feeding frenzy. Mac refused interviews but Ressler played to them and personally attacked M. Craig Kilborn showed a photo of M in a bikini with lude jokes and Ressler told them that she thought M would make a “better lap dancer than a lawyer.” Mac couldn’t obtain a “gag order” because the SECNAV allowed the court martial to be televised. Ressler played to the cameras, but Bud (B) was flummoxed by them. When Ressler was able to pressure security chief Dandridge into claiming he had heard someone say “they are trying to kill me” – a thing that in reality had only been seen in what he watched on television, the JAG, Chegwidden (C) counseled M to open up to the press.

Following Cs advice, when M was unable to find direct evidence for several additional, “rumored” prior incidents of Kingsley’s violence, M finally gave a television interview. In the interview she “spin-doctored” her words saying that she was “disappointed in the many rumors” about Kingsley and “only dealt in facts.” After that, several people came forth and M was able to get Kinsley to claim that she wasn’t emotional and “wouldn’t do that.” Her saying that opened the door for M to be able follow up and use the new evidence. Mac also began playing Ressler’s game with the cameras and quickly gained national TV notoriety. Kingsly was convicted and, when asked by the press, M said that she was disappointed Ressler had obscured the truth but also that she (M) had used trickery to bring it forward. The reporter asked “wasn’t that what lawyers did?” and M replied “unfortunately it is.”

Harm investigated the apparent suicide of PO Matteo Palermo at the impassioned request of Palermo’s grandmother who was being prevented from burying him next to his mother by religious rules. Palermo had run out on the carrier deck in front of a landing F-14 yelling “lets rumble”– the battle cry of comic book character Captain Atomic. Harm realized that Palermo had not been despondent because he had just finished writing a letter to his grandmother that he had been accepted into the SEAL program and was getting leave to ask his girlfriend to marry him. Harm had blood work done and found LSD in Palermo’s blood. After seeing the comic book in Palermo’s quarters and speaking with his roommate, H noticed the stamp on the grandmothers letters was different than all the other letters he had sent. Harm had the stamp tested, found LSD, then talked with the roommate and found that it was his stash of stamps which had been accidentally borrowed for Palermo’s letter. Palermo was buried with military honors by his mother.

The press claimed that M was engaged to Brumby (Brum) after he had told them he wouldn’t “abuse his fiancé’s privacy.” Mac called Brumby and left a phone message that he had no right telling the press that they “were engaged when they weren’t and weren’t likely to be if he kept it up.” Danny Walden was caught by C coming home at 5:30 am just as C was up jogging after staying with Danny’s mother. Danny claimed that he had “fallen asleep on a friends couch.” He then manipulated Chegwidden into loaning him his SUV, ostensibly to pick up a tree for his mothers birthday present. The SUV was found, by Detective Grady, locked and abandoned in a ditch with 8 oz of marijuana in it. Danny had neither filed a police report nor told C but claimed that it had been stolen from the nursery parking lot and he just didn’t have the courage to tell C. Then he denied being stoned or knowing about the drugs in Cs personal questioning.

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