The Princess and the Petty Officer – 118

Written by: Mark Saraceni; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

[A significant JAG episode due to the breakup of Chegwidden and Walden. Cameo appearance of Rudy Bosch, runner up in “survivor.”] Princess Fatima al Amatullah (Fanny) and PO James Elling were married after he smuggled her into the US with forged documents. Her father and “first husband,” from a prearranged marriage, wanted her back. Harm (H) defended Elling against Bud (B), who was prosecuting in behalf of a hard-nose admiral. Harm asked Mac (M) to defend the princess in the US immigration court (which was on her way past a shoe outlet). Nearly everyone M met, including the judge, commented that they had seen her performance on “JAG TV.”

The judge wasn’t inclined to relent until M suggested that Fatima’s marriage status be tried in an Islamic Sharia court (put together in the US). Mac was very knowledgeable about Islamic law and history. Fanny had not given her actual consent to the marriage, but her father had signed the marriage contract and acted as her proxy at the ceremony (beyond the age that he should have done so). She, however, had sold the dowry that her “husband” had given her so she lost in the sharia court and was considered married to the first husband. However she arranged to immediately divorce by giving him back the money. So Elling’s marriage was void and Fatima would be deported, but he proposed again by giving her his phone card as a dowry. There was no resolution re immigration status; but, she could be killed for moral impropriety if she went back. Harm couldn’t sway his CO on Elling so he plead guilty and relied on a trial of peers for punishment. The strategy worked: no brig, reduced rank to seaman and $1500 fine.

The JAG, Chegwidden (C), made the coffee while Tiner (Ti) was out registering for college. Watching him put many, many scoopfuls of grounds into the coffee maker both B and H commented that “might be enough.” When they had to taste it H called it “robust” in a raspy voice to which C retorted that he “needed a REAL coffee drinker.” They went in search of M who was just coming in arguing with Brumby (Brum) over his telling the press that he was Ms fiancé. Overhearing their discussion C decided that “she doesn’t need any more coffee.” Chief Bosch came for a visit to his old friend C, and when given the coffee said that it was “kinda weak.” Chegwidden finally told Dr Walden that her son was into drugs and that Danny had lied. She dumped C in a letter and was not dissuaded by Cs subsequent visit telling him that “Danny wouldn’t lie to me,” and “you never liked him.” Danny gloated saying “we are happy and it isn’t our job to make you (C) happy.”

Harriet (Ht) went into premature labor. The baby had a prolapsed cord and the delivery was delayed due to the absence of Dr Gettis. A C-Section was being prepared when Gettis rushed in and took over but it was too far down the birth canal and had to be “delivered and resuscitated” subsequently dying. Gettis claimed he was with another patient. Bud cried on Cs shoulder.

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