Touch and Go – 120

Written by: Dana Coen; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

Caitlin Pike is back at JAG, TDY, and Chegwidden (C) offered her a position which made Singer (S) jealous. Adm Curt Hollenbeck, a friend of Cs, was selected to be the new Inspector General. Pike told Harm (H) that Hollenbeck had groped her four years earlier and they were overheard by S. Pike also told Mac (M) of an additional un-amicable affair with another senior officer who had then given her a bad fit rep that had hurt her career. The story about Hollenbeck leaked to the press and H accused S of doing it. She didn’t deny it – just ‘You know me so little.” Hollenbeck was charged with conduct unbecoming and M got C to recuse her from defending him in an article 32 hearing. Harm prosecuted. Mattoni defended and asked S to “dig up dirt” on Pike for his defense.

Bud (B) defended a female Cpl, with a tattoo on her gluteus, whose CO wouldn’t approve her promotion without the standard photo disclosure. The Cpl refused, claiming gender discrimination. Bud failed to be able to circumvent the CO so the Cpl finally relented. Then the CO didn’t even look at the photo, but tore it up saying he “just didn’t want to give her special treatment.” Mattoni then brought out Pikes previous affair to discredit her on the stand and Pike accused M of “tattling.” Mac told pike that she was “indiscrete” and to “shut her big mouth before she said something else that M shouldn’t hear.” Hollenbeck explained that he had accidentally slipped; but, that when he tried to explain it, Pike had cut him off so he just let it lie. Harm got the SECNAV to waive the confidentiality of Pikes previous promotion board and found that Hollenbeck had been on the promotion board. On the stand he questioned Hollenbeck why Kate had been “deep selected” from the “low zone” over Brockman’s bad report and suggested impropriety.

Hollenbeck’s appointment as Inspector General was cancelled. Brumby (Brum) finally realized that how he pursued M could be considered sexual harassment – “I was relentless.” Chegwidden’s toast to Brum and Ms engagement was: “the only gift greater than the air in your lungs is the hand you hold.” Pike left Washington telling S she held her in contempt. She told H that the last thing he needed in his life was a third woman – her, Mac and Renee (who had all been very awkward with each other.)

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