Collision Course – 123

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During war games involving Greece and the US, Capt James Merrick came out of a fog bank and closed in on the Greek Gelibolu to shoot, just as it turned into them. Not able to avoid collision, they rammed leaving seven dead and two missing. Harm (H) and Mac’s (M) JAG investigation found that culpability rested more with the Greeks who were feuding with the Turks. However, the SECNAV, yet again acting like an ass, circumvented their opinion and demanded that Merrick be prosecuted. He lied to them by claiming that the other countries were also charging their captains, and then demanded that Chegwidden (C) prosecute personally because he didn’t trust H and M to win. Chegwidden appointed H and M to defend and called the ships XO to testify against Merrick. Merrick seemed to be determined to fall on his own sword. In actuality, a third ship, Turkish, were making claims that the Greek ship was in their waters (an uninhabited rock). The Turk and Creek captains had a long standing animosity and an 8 minute “pissing” contest ensued before the Turks tried to ram the Greek ship causing them to then turn into the US ship. Harm and M impeached the Greek and Turk captains for their own dereliction on the stand. However, Merrick wouldn’t let H also impeach his XO claiming that “it would ruin his career.” Instead, he told H to go to C and “get a plea.”

Then, C also found that the SECNAV had lied to him and backed him down by saying: “I thought you would look out for your people.” So, determined not to be the SECNAVs patsey, Chegwidden told H that his plea was “unacceptable” – in a sort of “code” that they should press forward. Harm and M then continued their investigation and discovered that the Gelibolu had radar troubles prior to the games, so the games should have been postponed or cancelled. However, Adm Picato (the exercise commander) was colluding with the Greeks so as to continue before the end of the fiscal year for financial and political reasons. Harm put the new, damning information in a damaging report and they all delivered it to the SECNAV personally who realized that it would embarrass the UN. He threw the report in the garbage and reluctantly agreed to give Merrick the chance to retire. So, Admiral Picato was charged with direlection (“just as long as it’s not the Greeks or Turks”).

Mikey (Mk) visited Bud (B) and met Gunny’s (G) sister Valerie. Mikey took her on a date, to Gs dismay and they were out all night. Singer (S), in a sort of comic relief this episode, was stuck with extra work as long as H and M were out of the office. When G intercepted Mk’s phone message for Valerie, he headed straight for Mikey; but, S headed him off pointing out that Valerie and Mk were “not in the same league.” Tiner (Ti), who had witnessed the encounter, complimented S for her kindness and she threw it back at him, saying: “as long as the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s are feuding I have more work.” Mikey thought he was in love but Valerie showed up with her actual boyfriend, who G disliked even more. Gunny told Mk that Valerie never listened to him and always did just the opposite of what he told her; so, he offered to tell Valerie that he hated Mk “every chance he got.”

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  1. Just re-watching the episode, and it was the Turkish ship involved in the war games, with the Greek ship trying to ram the Turkish ship after claiming the contested island was in Greek waters. Thus the Turkish ship was the one struck by the US ship.

    • Thanks for the heads-up. I just checked my notes and am now confused because I’ve got it the other way around several times, in several places. I’ve listed the captains names which go with each ship and they match the way I’ve got them described in the narrative. I’ll put it on my to-do list to “triple-check.”

      • By the way, I forgot to say thanks for this site, I’m watching the entire series again, but I’m missing a couple of episodes and your site has been great for filling in the blanks, so thank you.

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