Miracles – 122

Written by: Ed Zuckerman; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

[A marginally written script for the JAG series which didn’t establish credible rationale for the guilty verdict.]

JAG officer Harmon Rabb (H) defended Sgt Major Jarvis Krohn who was found next to his beaten, unconscious wife after claiming to have been led there by a vision of beatified Chaplain Wiggins, “Padre,” now being considered for sainthood. Krohn described that the “padre” had selflessly ran into enemy fire attempting to save some of his platoon but was cut down. Bud (B) prosecuted flippantly and childishly and derisively stated: “God thinks Krohn’s wife was worth saving but our daughter not?”

A Vatican representative said that, previously, seven year old Clay Norberg’s metastatic neuroblastoma completely disappeared after the “intercession of the Padre.” A detractant, Mr. Hamill, claimed that he had seen the “Padre” acting cowardly in battle. However, H showed that Hamill had been scheduled to be sent home for cowardice in Vietnam; but, during the last battle had a total change of heart when he “visioned” padre’s act. Uncharacteristically going on to save the platoon after Wiggins had been killed. Despite completely circumstantial evidence Krohn was found guilty. The Vatican investigator said that he was going to proceed with his recommendation for sainthood of the “Padre” so Krohn said it was “worth it” and that his wife’s attacker would eventually be found so he would be vindicated.

Tiner (Ti) installed a “Seti” screensaver on Chegwidden’s (C) computer which amazingly found “life” which needed to be reported to the “Seti People.” However, it turned out to be only “5 million year old light – the standard emission from the Binion-Pratt pulsar.” Renee & Mac (M) arrange to double date with H and Brumby (Brum). Renee belittled Hs apparent belief in miracles, then jerked the subject to the “miracle” of M and Brum’s “becoming one,” pressuring H for it “to happen” with them.

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