Iron Coffin – 125

Written by: Paul Levine; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

[A very unusual and skillfully written JAG episode with a totally unexpected twist.]

Russian investigator Capt Alex Volkonov (AV) came to the US and requested JAG assistance (basically Harm) in investigating the demise of the Russian sub Vladivostok, ostensibly believing that the US had rammed and sunk it. At first Capt Baxter stonewalled Harm (H) then Chegwidden (C) called in a favor of Adm. Crawford at SUBLANT then Cmdr Flagler spoke with H and the angry AV. Baxter questioned H’s loyalties so C and H spoke with him. Baxter finally admitted that he knew that one of the Vladivostok’s experimental Russian Shkval 2 torpedo which they had been testing had done a 180 and sunk their own ship. But he said, “How we know is security classified!”

Mac (M) and Bud (B) assisted female Ensign Terry Childers in testifying before Latham’s (L) committee about the fact that she wanted to be able to serve on submarines, despite policies against it. Latham shanghaied M into taking a “fact finding” submarine cruise on the Watertown with Flagler and reporting back to her about the experience. That put M, along with Flagler, spying on H; because, at the same time Harm was also invited for a Public Relations cruise aboard the Russian sub Minsk. The irrational Russian Captain had orders to test-fire another Shkval 2 torpedo which put Harm and Mac in “tap dance mode,” knowing that Harm could be killed but not being able to say anything about it for security reasons. Finally, M convinced Flagler into breaking the subs radio silence. Between a “Rock and a hard place,” Ms final solution was to inform the Russians over the radio that the US had “placed listening devices aboard all Russian ships, which is how they knew about the Vladivostok”– trying to convince him not to fire the defective missle. The Russians went ahead and fired anyway so quick-thinking Flagler fired a drone torpedo directly at the Minsk in hopes of saving them from self-destruction. When the defective Russian torpedo finally did its 180 and came back at the Minsk, the drone was in its path so it “acquired” the drone and detonated before hitting the Russian sub!

Brumby and Renee went to a concert together while H and M were away. Both tried to subtly pump the other to find out if they knew whether or not H and M had had an affair in the past. Eventually they both admitted that they were afraid to ask either of them about it directly.

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