Retreat Hell – 126

Written by: Stephen Zito; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

Pvt Rafael Jesus Rivera, wounded in battle of Chosin reservoir in WWII, was found nearly 50 years later UA when he applied for benefits. He was being held in Crease Madden’s jail, who was a redneck, corrupt New Mexico sheriff. Mac (M) was assigned to investigate and Gunny (G) went to pick him up personally, out of respect and fidelity with a true marine hero. The sheriff ordered his two thugs to kill Rivera and prevent him from getting across the border. They blocked the highway and blinded G with lights which ran him off the road. Then they poured gasoline onto the car and set it on fire so they could shoot them when exiting.

Rivera had a claim to some land grant land that the Sheriff wanted and had already killed Rivera’s attorney for. Meanwhile, Chegwidden (C) went fishing in New Mexico with Gs sister, Maria, as his guide. Gunny found out that Rivera, not speaking English when he enlisted, had misunderstood the doctor when he told him he could “go home” after his months of rehabilitation. He hadn’t needed any benefits until the lawyer showed up with a possible claim. Gunny called C and arranged to meet C at the trailhead to the lake to “work something out.” When G didn’t show up C responded and found the thugs shooting. Unarmed, C improvised a Molotov cocktail and threw it at a thug and Rivera shot the other. Rivera was exonerated and was shown receiving his belated Navy Cross.

Bud (B) was handling the case of the improper UA arrest of a civilian, who’s SSN had been stolen and used by someone to join the military. Brumby (Brum) had started a new law firm for suing the Navy (without telling M) and was representing the man who wanted $2.5 million! Harm (H), as acting JAG, negotiated an $80 thousand settlement.

Harm fell backward in Admiral Cs chair and hit his head. He then had hallucinations of M in several provocative situations. He even called Renee Ms name. He asked B if he had ever “seen things” and said “what if you were seeing things that were different than you expected and were changing how you saw things.” Brumby and M had lunch to set their wedding date. Both B and M thought H should get an MRI for being nice to Brumby.

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