Valor – 127

Written by: Douglas Stark; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

Sgt. Joan Steel was captured by terrorists and held in Iraq for a month. She was then “captured” by the US when she was discovered on a boat of explosives heading for the USS Vance; but, was stopped due to enhance security procedures and the terrorists aboard were killed in a gunfight. Harm (H) and Mac (M) performed a JAG-man investigation to see if she had actually been recruited by the terrorists. She had filed MECEP (officer) papers but was turned down by her CO based upon uncertainty about her judgement – basically claiming that he “didn’t know her leadership well enough.”

One day while out in the city she and her companions heard an explosion and she left her vehicle sending it back to the ship. She ran toward the explosion armed only with a pistol and was captured. After being terrorized she helped her captors gain security code access to the harbor because, as she claimed, “she thought it would make it easier to catch them.” However, her fingerprints were discovered on the explosive detonating device and she wasn’t forthcoming with information. Harm and M discovered that she had actually gone into a shop in town alone to rent video’s for the terrorists and while there warned the proprietor but didn’t make any effort to escape out the back way. Harm felt she did have impaired judgement due to captivity but Mac believed that she had been recruited due of her CO’s negative decision.

The took the case to an article 32 hearing but Webb (W) came with information that the same terrorists she had been with were planning another bombing and said that he wanted Steel’s help to go back under cover and help capture them. Harm told her that it was foolish to go back – but she went anyway. She wore a transponder belt but took it off and then didn’t give the prearranged signal. Instead she snuck out the back way and actually went with terrorists. While everyone was talking about where she had gone and why, they all heard a bomb go off close by. It turned out that she had fought with the men in the van and detonated the explosive device before they could reach their intended victims – US students at archeological site.

Brumby (Brum) and Renae (R) were miffed that they had to pack Mac and Harm’s suitcases but remain home “aiding and assisting.” Brumby took Bud (B) out to McMurphys bar to talk about women and asked him to be his best man at the wedding. Harriett (Ht) and Renae have a woman-to-woman talk and got drunk on wine while whining about H being an “immovable object” to Renae’s “irresistible force.” Harriett said that some people had “diggity.” Chegwidden (C) inquired to Ht if he had missed their engagement party and ended up accidentally volunteering to host it.

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