Sightings – 9

Written by: Evan Katz; Watch Now: Link to video of episode on Amazon

Cathy Gold, living with her uncle JD in lieu of an orphanage, went missing after some flying lights with painful sound and electromagnetic interference blasted their trailer. A former SEAL who wanted to distance himself from anything government by living as a hermit next to an abandoned air base, called the news media. Senator Dixon saw the story and asked JAG to investigate after an ATARs scan revealed nothing. The Sheriff disbelieved everything except that the “government” was probably doing something secret on the base without telling anybody. JD told JAG officers Harm (H) and Meg (Mg) that there were funny smells with the north wind, painful noise and blinding lights. Others had reported “little green men.”

Harm and Mg went back to the base without the sheriff and climbed over the non-electrified fence. There was no sand in front of a hanger and fresh oil. They found Cathy, who ran into a hanger and disappeared. Still looking around at evening they saw an unidentified aircraft with blinding bright lights and painful screeching sound enter the hanger then disappear. They tried to exit but the fence was now electrified and they were chased by men in black suits and luminescent green eyes using green laser targeting lights on their guns. They narrowly escaped by Cathy directing them into a large air duct. Cathy took them to a pipe she used to get in and out of the base but it was so small that only she could fit. They sent her to the car to dial 0 three times and tell the operator that “Lt Harmon Rabb needs level Red support.” The men in suits and night vision goggles saw her go down the pipe.

Cathy met the sheriff who didn’t believe her and wouldn’t let her use the phone but took her on the base in his car. The “green men” killed him but she ran away. This time they saw her infrared heat markings as she climbed through the air duct and threw an M-33 baseball grenade in after her. It came out the other side and H threw it back at them before it exploded. Harm, Mg and Cathy went to the control tower where they watched an R5-D without markings land and go into the hanger and Cathy found some night vision goggles. Harm used the goggles to go get the sheriffs car and crash out of the gate. He was to pick up Mg and Cathy by the chapel but they were captured first.

Harm took the car and blinded the men with his headlights before he escaped into an adjacent building realizing that the men were drug runners who were using the abandoned underground hanger as a drug lab. JD sneaked onto the base looking for Cathy and surprised H. The drug runners used Mg and Cathy as bait to bring in H but JD took his place. They took them all down a shaft into the below ground hanger and H followed. He picked off several, one at a time. They were going to take one as a hostage and JD told them to take Cathy which really upset her making her say “I hate you.” A man put Cathy into the helicopter which they were using as the “UFO” and H incapacitated him telling Cathy to turn on the lights and sound when he gave her the signal. With the distraction, H was able to bring down all the other men including the one who was using Mg as a shield, after she gut punched him. Mg told Cathy that JD had told them to take her because he knew the other two left would be shot.

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