Salvation – 129

Written by: Ed Zuckerman; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

Sgt Maj Krohn had been in prison for beating his wife unconscious with a brick. JAG’s Harmon Rabb (H) had defended him and tried to convince the jury that Krohn’s testimony was true when he said that he had seen “the Padre” in a vision leading him to his injured wife and enabling her rescue. But, him being there had created circumstantial evidence against him.

Mac (M) received a bloody knife in her package from the Leavenworth wood shop, a present for her wedding. In her investigation of the matter she “accidentally” found that Clark Palmer had been “converted to religion.” There had been a stabbing and Krohn’s prints were found on the knife. Harm defended but neither he or M could convince the warden that Palmer was capable of masterminding the whole incident just to “get at Harm.” Then, while they were investigating, Palmer seemed to have a stroke and went unconscious with the doctors saying he wouldn’t last through the night. Krohn stayed at his bedside all night praying and Palmer woke up saying he had his own “vision of the Padre” who showed him Krohn was innocent. Harm was pressured into arranging for both Krohn and Palmer to go out of prison to prove it. An emissary from the Vatican was sent to investigate the “miracle” for the “Padre’s” sainthood. They were all present when Palmer had them waiting in a van for his “second” vision to lead them to “real” attacker.

After waiting so long that H sent the police “backup” home and started back to the airport, Palmer said the Padre was leading them back the other way and did give some directions which proved to be true. While waiting for a train signal barricade arm to go up, Krohn had a “real” vision of the ambush that Palmer was actually planning and informed H who then brought up the waiting police and captured the accomplices. It actually turned out that in order to set up the ambush, Palmers gang had bought a “hot car” which turned out to be Krohn’s wife’s stolen car from his first conviction and led to its overturning and release from prison.

Mac and Brumby (Brum) received other wedding gifts. Chegwidden (C) gave them season tickets to Shakespeare plays. It was the Navy’s turn in rotation and Bud (B) was assigned to carry the “nuclear briefcase” for the president. Tiner told him that some people felt the “launch codes” should be “implanted into the briefcase carriers’ chest” so that if the president wanted to push the button the first thing he had to do was to “cut open your chest.” While the president was speaking at a function, B was left out in the hall. He went to the head but when he got back the president had gone. Bud ran all the way back to the White House but was relieved from duty in favor of the next in rotation, the Coast Guard. Chegwidden said “it was probably for the best.”

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