To Walk on Wings – 130

Written by: Paul Levine; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

An OSPREY aricraft was hit by an ocean swell during a “ride-along” conducted for representatives Latham (L) and Fetzer. Latham tried to kill the Osprey during her hearings. She blamed the mishap on the Osprey which was “so faulty that the pilot couldn’t handle it” and continually played to the press. Then she claimed there had been a cover-up because “the pilot over-flew the data recorder” and there was no record of the incident. JAG officer Mac (M) was asked to assist Fetzer on the committee and “blew away” Leatham’s hired henchman, William Markey, a civilian weapons analyst.

Harm (H) represented Maj Asher, the pilot, and eventually showed that the mishap was due to Latham’s own two hr delay while she was grandstanding, which put their course directly into the blinding sun; and, then Fetzer’s prolonging the jump, due to standing for a picture. Mac restored the data recorder which proved that Asher was actually being honest. Latham flippantly asked “is there anyone else you would like to blame?” Harm said “yes: the Critics – who expect hardware to be perfect out of the box; the Media for sensationalism, exaggerating everything to the dimension of tragedy; and Congress for not listening to those who know the aircraft best, pilots, who are telling you they are willing to risk their lives because they believe it’s important to the defense of our country.”

Harriet said she feels like a valueless paper pusher and investigated and cleared an old case of Mstr Chief David Litrell who refused exoneration on a commissary theft in order to avoid his wife’s embarrassment for infidelity with him, (her then husbands best friend.) However he still wouldn’t accept exoneration not wanting his wife to live with the stigma. Gunny and Tiner were planning the bachelor party for Brumby.

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