Past Tense – 132

Written by: Dana Coen; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

Jordan Parker, back from overseas for four months, called Harm (H) and left a message. Renee returned the call on speakerphone which was answered by NCIS agent Kenworthy. Jordi had been shot and killed by an unknown assailant and Kenworthy put H as the lead suspect A disgustingly cheap writers trick beginning to be used all too often on the JAG series).

Chegwidden (C) ok’d a JAG MAN investigation by Mac (M) and Bud (B) because NCIS wasn’t sharing any information. They brought Cdr Coulter in to help. Finally Kenworthy let Harm off the hook claiming that Jordi had committed suicide! Coulter interpreted the findings better than NCIS did. She found: animal blood at the scene, powder on both hands not just her shooting hand and a smeared partial print on the trigger. Harm, M and Bud (B) followed several leads including a recent boyfriend Maj Lynch whom she had broken up with and who had lied to NCIS about being out buying an engagement ring as his alibi.

None of the leads panned out until Coulter found that it was dog blood at the scene; specifically the neighbors dog who had followed, the mentally ill wife of Lt Col Maples into Jordi’s apartment. Mrs. Maples saw her husband, who was privately seeing Jordi for counseling, come out of Jordi’s apartment. Being jealous, Maples angrily confronted Jordi who needed to get her gun out to defend herself. When she dropped the gun Maples picked it up and shot Jordi.

Renee was demanding, argumentative and nagging the whole show and whined “am I going to have to die for you to commit to me?” She said she “didn’t know” him. When the case was finally solved Harm showed her a video of his 13 year-old school dance filmed by his mother. The police obtained evidence that Danny Walden was involved in drugs and had used Chegwidden’s (C) SUV in the commission of a crime. Danny went to court, arrogant and haughty but C testified against him. His attorney tried to paint C as a “man scorned” and as just being vindictive. The judge saw through that and found Danny guilty; but, when he was merely going to give Danny probation adjudicated with his mother, C intervened and suggested “that wouldn’t be effective.” Dr Walden used as her arguement “he wouldn’t lie to me” which then also convinced the judge, so he gave Danny either jail or join the service. Danny chose the Navy and C followed up to make sure he went to the recruiters telling him that he had better write his mother.

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