Lifeline – 131

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[An important JAG series episode]

Throughout the engagement party given by the JAG, Chegwidden (C), for Mac (M) and Brumby (Brum), Harm (H) and M end up on the front porch reminiscing about their relationship and trying to understand here-to-fore unasked questions. Brum was shown warning Renee not to interrupt H and Ms “talks” by saying “we will have them for a long time. Let them say their good bye’s.” Frustratingly, not all the questions were answered as both H and M were shown still not fully wanting to be open with each other. Flashbacks (which seemed to be more than just lazy writers tricks) were used to show:

– When M and H 1st met and the image of Hs girl friend Diane;
– When H sandbagged Ms 1st case;
– Their shipboard argument about respect;
– Ms exclusion of H during the investigation of Jordan’s death; and,
– The night in Sydney harbor when H backed away.

Then flashbacks also showed:

– Mac quitting JAG;
– fighting terrorists with Chegwidden (C) on a ship; and,
– nearly kissing C.

Mac asked C to give her away at her wedding. Out on the porch again M asked H: “why did you back away?” then H reminisced:

– Their fight on ship saying “you honestly resent me, and you have no faith in me”;
– His noticing Ms engagement ring in the Australian airport; and,
– Their “baby deal.”

Harm asked M “do you love him” and instead of answering she diverted with “do you love Renee?” Harm diverted back with “I’m not marrying Renee” so M told him “that’s not a question you get to ask.”

Together they recalled:

– When H saved Ms life in the forest;
– When M saved Hs life in Panama;
– When H got C to take M back after she quit JAG;
– M being there for H in Russia while finding his father; and,
– when M fell off the wagon and got drunk.

Mac asked H “just what is it you want” and he remembered all of his “Hallucinations” of M being sexy. Harm asked M “why did you go to him so quickly?” and she responded, “you pushed me away, what did you want me to do?” “Wait,” he said. “For how long?” “As long as it takes.” They then kissed “goodbye” on the porch and remembered their other tearful goodbye when H left for the carrier, “why is it” M had said, “that I’m the only one crying?” Harm finally said “we’re getting too good at saying goodbye.”

Throughout the episode Bud progressively soiled and removed articles of his clothing to where he finally ended up wearing an apron and being embarrassed into serving drinks by Mattoni. Chegwidden gave M a cake decorated with the US and Australian flags; and gave Harriet (Ht) her Lieutenant’s bars. Hariett asked B if he knew about it and he said “that’s why I got all dressed up.” The episode ended with H and M standing next to each other and the camera showing the backs of their hands touching.

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