Adrift (Part I) – 134

Written by: Stephen Zito, Dana Coen; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

[A major “relationship” episode used as a cliffhanger for the JAG TV series.]

Mac (M) and Brumby (Brum) have their wedding rehearsal and dinner this week and she was upset to find out that Harm (H) had his six-month flight qualifications on the Patrick Henry and would miss the dinner, even though he said he’d be back for the wedding. He said that he “didn’t consider missing it a risk,” and she retorted “no, you didn’t consider it important.” He told her that the quals had been scheduled long before they set the date and, frankly, “if you need me at your wedding to make it work maybe you should reconsider who you are marrying.” Skates (Sk) was his RIO and Captain Ingles had “sort of” forgiven him for interrogating him so roughly on the stand. Commander Stacy Loftness, airlant LSO, however was rude, abusive and claimed H must have “pulled favors” to get back in the air and he “didn’t need a Washington Weenie wasting my time.” Skates defended H. During Hs first landing the auto-throttle went bad so he had to fly it manually. He set up a little high and was correcting when paddles called that the 3 wire was fouled and to abort. Harm powered but just barely touched and Loftness, looking for an excuse, told him he was taking him out of the air. Loftness ragged on H who said that he had prevented an in-flight engagement. When Loftness harangued that H had been too slow to respond, H told him “I’m not about to be talked into a rookie mistake and dump the nose.” He finally allowed him to go back up and H was “in the spaghetti” for all of his next traps, including at night.

Images of H making his traps were interspersed with M during her rehearsal using background “come fly with me” music. Harm had the highest boarding rate and landing scores of anyone in the quals. He was able to get the first window in the weather of the storm that was coming by promising Ingles a piece of wedding cake on the COD. Loftness said “take Skates with you.” Skates had told H that this was her last flight because she was getting married.

Chloe (Cl) came and was cold to Brum. Brumby gave Bud (B) his wedding rings to “watch with your life” and of course B left them on the counter. Brum said he was worried, and B said just “do what you did at your bachelor party. Tear off your shirt and sing the Australian National anthem.” Bud broke his cell phone, was told of the unexpected toast he needed to give at the dinner, then found his car battery dead. He was able to get his car jump started but fell in a mud puddle before he arrived just as Chegwidden (C) was giving the toast for him. Impromptu he told of the “fate” that had brought he and Harriet together then said that “yours, like any right union on the planet, is a matter of destiny.” Chegwidden wouldn’t give Chloe any champagne but Brum gave her a taste to “suck up.” Chegwidden questioned M about what she was going to do after the marriage and M said she “hadn’t thought that far ahead.” Renee (R) acted very awkward but knew the exact number of seconds until Ms marriage. Brumby asked Chloe “are we friends?” and was told “as long as you love M.”

Harm and Skates flew into the “mother of all storm cells” on their flight back to JAG headquarters. They had a low O2 light so they couldn’t ascend. Their plane had some kind of unknown flight control malfunction and systems began progressively failing. They radioed back to the carrier but faded out so rescue was prepared for. Eventually they were going down so called Mayday. Harm promised Skates that he would “see her down there, you have my word on it.” She ejected, but H was delayed. Something then fouled in his rigging so he took off his helmet. Then he was being drowned by his rigging until he cut the shroud lines. After Bs toast, C got a phone call and was notified about Hs situation. All were very upset especially Renee and Mac. Singer (S) told M that H would be ok. Mac said, “he always is.” Singer said that “this time he has even a better reason (looking at Renee) he’s got someone in his life.” Mac suggested C ask Ingles to patch his communications into their speaker phone at the party. The Viking rescue craft spotted a raft, dropped a SAR buoy and flares then deliberately flew below minimums to rescue Skates. Mac told Brum that she wanted to be alone, weeping. Harm was shown loosing his raft and floating away into the waves and turbulence. [To be continued]

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