New Gun in Town – 136

Written by: Stephen Zito; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

[A very good episode despite Harm and Mac’s “parallel play” and somewhat “forced” plot lines.]

People were barraging Mac (M) about resetting her wedding plans with Brumby (Brum). Even Chloe hung up on M saying “Harm happened.” Mac begged Chegwidden (C) for TAD assignment on the USS Guadalcanal to replace Maj Miles Holmes who had “gone overboard.” Chegwidden made her take Gunny (G) with her. Using computer files they found that Miles had communicated with USO worker Susan Evans as much as he had with his own wife, and that Evans had met the ship at all of her last ports. They discovered that Miles had faked his own “man overboard,” then hid out in a ships void until he could sneak aboard a landing craft the next day to Jakarta. They intercepted Miles and Evans both at a hotel on the island. Oddly Miles advised M that maybe “someday she could work without a net” and love again

Harm (H) attended Rene’s fathers funeral and was very uncomfortable being manipulated into their “family” role especially by Rene’s pushy mother. Rene met Cyrus Fortney, the undertaker, who used to be her old flame until he went to embalming school. Harm appeared before the mishap investigator of his crash who claimed the only reason H didn’t die, having “not followed the book,” was because “someone up there likes you.” H replied “well he can’t like me very much cause I’m in here with you.” Chegwidden told H about himself, when he returned from Vietnam all beat up and went to church. When the priest offered kind words it “damn near killed me. I had no idea how bad I hurt until I heard those words. Make of it what you will.” Harm went to see his Stearman but couldn’t bring himself to fly. The caretaker of the hanger where H kept his plane counseled H that “sometimes it’s better to stay on the ground” unless you felt like you had the luck to fly.

Cdr Sturgis Turner (T) came to JAG (Hs old company mate). He refused to bump Bud (B) out of his office and instead took the small office with pipes saying it reminded him of a submarine. Sturgis played basketball with H and asked about Annie. Then he asked “you got a girl” and H replied “No, she’s got me.” Sturgis prosecuted and H defended airman Peter Tyree who had tried to get a T-34 trainer up in the air and flipped it. Sturgis prosecuted and refused to deal. Tyree was a real “doofus” and although H successfully presented the case that he was just taxiing and “it got away” Sturgis tripped him up into admitting he just wanted to get it into the air one time. The judge found him guilty; but, H talked Admiral Landry (AIRLANT) into taking authority of the case and dropping it in favor of applying for education scholarship and OCS. Harm took Peter for a ride in his Stearman.

Bud (B) prosecuted and Singer (S) defended Master Chief Edwards who disliked and swore at the children at a scout camp. Scout Lovelace wrote down the words cause he wouldn’t say them – there were 40 some that B didn’t know. Singer suggested a settlement that she knew her client wouldn’t like, knowing how much he hated kids – 200 hrs community service at Norfolk freedom scout camp, without swearing or straight to jail.

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