The Brotherhood – 13

Written by: Scott Gemmill, Donald P. Bellisario; Watch Now: Link to video of episode on Amazon

[A very weakly written JAG plot, hokey and barely believable at times]

Marine PFC Terrance Hansen was found beaten and in a coma on the beach during landing exercises. Dr Sanford requested an investigation of Capt Overton’s Charlie Company “who has 2 times more injuries than other companies, mostly black.” Sanford said that the companies investigation by Lt Teese was biased because “he reports to Overton.” Overton pouted his lips and tried to act like what he thought was a tough guy throughout the episode. JAG officers Harm (H) and Meg (Mg) easily revealed Teese’s sloppy investigation, giving Overton what he wanted to see.

Harm and Mg went through Hansen’s locker and found photo’s of people flashing gang signs. Meg said the signs looked like “hook em horns” from the University of Texas Longhorns. Harm descretely told her that in Europe the sign meant “You’ve been Cuckolded.” [So Mg then gave the sign to people during the whole episode… supposedly as humor?]

Tyler, Hansen’s brother was acting like a tough guy and eventually was discovered to be in a gang. While H and Mg were looking over the beach, Overton had his camouflaged men surprise attack them. Harm was disgusted and told Overton that action had just told him that Overton was hiding something and when H found out what it was his days in the corps were over. Overton said that C company had more injuries because they trained harder – “the harder they train, the less bleeding they do.” A sergeant told H that Hansen “didn’t fit in” and “wasn’t with the program” but there were others, and he listed three. Harm asked “how many are black” and was answered “all of them.”

Overton tried to intimidate and obstruct H and Mg until they called him on his apparent racism. Top of his class, Hansen had asked for east or overseas billet but got stuck with LA and Overton continually refused his transfer. He requested twice more but Overton turned him down. (He told H that he didn’t like quitters) Harm found Overton and his men digging on the beach and was told they were looking for mines. Then a man asked “is this what you are looking for” and it was Crack. Harm conjectured to Overton that Hansen had probably been beaten by the gang when he didn’t want to sell Crack in the military and that Overton had been acting like such a know-it-all smart ass that Hansen couldn’t come to you for help.

So Overton went to Hansen’s hospital bed and began screaming and threatening and ordered him to wake up… and he did. Hansen then revealed that he had grown up in LA, was in a gang, and was assigned by their leader, “stick,” to join “The Proud” so he could sell drugs on the inside. But the Marines had reformed him and he began trying to avoid the gang; but, they beat him and left him on the beach with a case of crack.

Stick said that he was going to send Hansen’s brother Tyler to the morgue on Mission avenue if he didn’t sell the crack – so Overton promised Hansen that he would get Tyler out. Of course, he went in alone and was overpowered. Then H and Mg arrived and uncharacteristically stupid, Mg was overpowered so H offered to trade their crack for Overton. Then he got the black men of C company to surround the “trade.” Overton tackled Tyler during the trade and C company rescued everyone. Tyler agreed to go to a youth boot camp (for discipline and hard work) in order to get out of the gang.

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