Guilt – 138

Written by: David Ehrman; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

[A very “contrived” plot with blatantly unrealistic actions and outcomes.]

Mac (M) and Gunny (G) are still TAD onboard ship from JAG. She was sent to secure the release, from civilian authority, of Cpl Lassiter who had been arrested for rape in Aceh Province. The corrupt police chief, Jarot, shook M down for a bribe and the only thing of value that she had was Brumby’s (Brum) engagement ring. An angry mob besieged the US consulate setting off an explosion and they were eventually ordered to evacuate. While they were undertaking procedures for burning records, one of the mob dropped a grenade killing Gunny Sgt Simpkins and blinding his second in command. The ambassador, Raymon Dart, wanted to give Cpl lassiter (who actually turned out to be guilty) to the mob as a “diplomatic solution.” Mac was senior officer.

The “motor-mouth” daughter of a consulate cook, Lylyana, took to M and drew her a picture. Mac gave her an insignia from her uniform in return. The evacuating helicopter couldn’t land due to small arms fire from the mob. Lylyana led them all through a “secret” tunnel beneath the consulate (that no one knew about) onto the next street, and into her school building. The mob eventually came to the school, as they all were boarding the helicopter, and lobbed mortars. Unbelievably, the girl stood in the courtyard jumping up and down waving that M had forgotten to take her picture! A mortar was shown exploding directly in front of her as the helicopter took off. Chloe and Jingo talked to M by phone and are OK at her grandparents.

Harm (H) and Singer (S) defended Lt Cmdr Kegan who killed Anton Summer, an ex-con going to be arrested for disabling a smoke detector and smoking on a plane. Turner (T) was prosecuting and called Harriett (Ht), who was on the plane, as a witness. Hariett said that Kegan had knocked a water bottle out of Summer’s hand and while he was picking it up wrestled with him and broke his neck. Hariett, however was not in a position to see that Summer had actually grabbed the exit handle and was trying to open the door. In cross examination, S made Ht cry talking about being “blinded” over her grief for the loss of her baby. Harm had to reprimand S that she had acted like a bully and had hurt their case with the jury. A “dead head” pilot on board had conversed with, and warned, Summer not to smoke in the lavatory but he said “let the captain try and stop me.” The stewardess, then, had requested that Kegan watch Summer while she notified the pilot. That’s when Summer made for the door, was knocked down and grabbed the exit handle trying to open it despite struggling. Kegan finally subdued him but killed him in the struggle. An officer, who had felt insulted by Kegan in a bar before take-off, gave surprise testimony against Kegan. Also (unbelievably) Kegan was found guilty of manslaughter; but, after Hs closing statement (where he told the members that SEALS had always done peoples “dirty work” and 193 souls would have been lost if Kegan hadn’t acted) Kegan got off with a reprimand and anger management (for manslaughter?!!)

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