Redemption – 142

Written by: David Ehrman; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

Harm (H) was assigned TAD from JAG to an air squad with his old buddy Cmdr Scott Webster and ended up defending him on fraternization charges trumped up by Lt Mantei a pilot who Webster passed over for assignment to the Joint Strike Fighter project. During his defense H looked at Webster’s computer and found an email from Ciecle Tech, negotiating payment for stealth paint. He couldn’t do anything about what he thought was espionage because it was privileged Lawyer-Client information. Webster’s son, Bill, who had been estranged from him, all of a sudden turned positive and testified for his father.

After Webster’s hearing H found that there really had been a can of the paint reported missing, so he told the NCIS and had Webster arrested. Charges were filed against H for attorney misconduct. Chegwidden (C) told him that the paperwork hadn’t gotten to his desk yet, so to “use the time wisely.” Harm continued the investigation and found that Bill’s “girlfriend” was working at Ciecle Tech as a secretary. Harm got Webster to finally confess that he had been covering for his son. When H found the Email on his son’s computer, Webster had challenged Bill who said that he “hadn’t actually given the paint to them but had flushed it down the toilet.” Harm said he would try and get him a plea-bargain deal for his testimony against the company. Chegwidden decided that the charges against H were groundless.

Mac (M) defended PO Maat in civil court regarding the custody of her daughter Katelyn who was abused by her attorney father Seth. The father acted connivingly and was infuriatingly self-assured and cocky. Even expert witness Beth Salluci, who Bud (B) recommended, wasn’t able to prevent the judge from granting joint custody. Mac and B told Singer (S) about the decision. PO Maat went UA with Katelyn immediately prior to her fathers first visitation. Seth then came storming into JAG, pushing people aside and threatening people. He said that his ex-wife had been seen leaving her home in the company of a “blond female officer.” When he saw Harriet (Ht), he knocked down Bud to get to her, so M to “took him down,” effortlessly. Mac told him that she would appeal the joint custody and pursue assault charges for B against him. Singer was made to “seem guilty” of being the “blond officer” when she deferred answering Ms question about if it were she who had secured PO Matt and her daughter. She just said “that would be illegal, wouldn’t it?”

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