Answered Prayers – 145

Written by: Paul Levine; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

[A truly amazingly written show! Coats and her worthless preacher father were introduced in this episode.]

Because of Christmas leave’s, the judge ordered JAG attorney, Harmon Rabb (H) to take care of Coates (Co) who was awaiting trial. He was talked out of putting her into jail and tried to leave her with her father. When he saw how demeaning and hateful her father was, he convinced Mac (M) to take her in overnight. Singer (S) prosecuted the case. Coates ended up with H at a pre-sermon party given by the Robert’s and was accused of stealing S’s new jeweled bracelet. She ran from the party and H had to track her down and bring her back only to find that S’s bracelet had been taken by “little AJ.” Singer was eventually stood up by a wealthy “boyfriend” who bought her the jeweled bracelet instead.

Mikey (Mk) went before Lindsey (L) for his acceptance interview to the Naval academy. Harm restored his Vet with Turner’s (T) help. T revealed a childhood punishment by his chaplain father for “wrongful appropriation of a bike.” Harm’s car didn’t have a top on it yet so he refused to give T a ride; and then it was “stolen” from his garage. Webb (W) tried to make cell phone contact with H throughout the story but it didn’t get through and was nearly blown up. Chloe talked to her deployed dad on the phone, and helped M and H befriend Coats. Harn kissed M under mistletoe.

The JAG, Admiral Chegwidden (C), had to defend the Navy in a “publicity trial” from a NY lawyer who was claiming the “imprisonment” of reindeer which had gotten onto a military runway in Iceland. Turner introduced his father Chaplain Turner who was going to give his 50th Christmas sermon in the service. He revealed that he is recalled to active duty one time a year to give the sermon. Chegwidden recalled to him his memory of a Christmas sermon in Vietnam which had really helped him through the hard times and realized it had been chaplain Turner who had given it! Chaplain T called in a favor from a Jewish chaplain friend in Iceland and got him to take custody of the reindeer.

Chaplain T used the theme “the unsung father Joseph” as a vehicle for flashbacks into the JAG characters’ fathers’ relationships: “Joseph had a premature death, but taught skills and prepared for future,” and “bind up the broken hearted and free the captives” – (Hs father); “at times a solid foundation for family, support taken for granted or may need shoring up himself” – (Mikey, B); “tired, impatient, mired in own problems” – (M & her father reconcile B4 his death); but, “he always looked beyond here and now; keeping one eye on the next generation so of necessity he is a man filled with hope that a knowing God watches over the universe, hope that justice will prevail, hope that we will be reunited with loved ones” – (B and Hts loss of their baby). Paul said: “abide by these 3: faith, hope, Love, the greatest love. When we give thanks to the father for our blessings, let us not forget Joseph or our own fathers” – (back to H), “that they not be forgotten this Xmas.”

Afterward C told the chaplain “you did it again” (comparing with his previous sermon in Vietnam.) Lindsay told Mikey he was accepted to naval academy. Big Bud complimented Mikey and hugged him. Singer met Lindsey. Turner “returned” Hs car that he had “appropriated,” with a new top. Coats stayed with M and kissed H in gratitude “I could get arrested but it was worth it”. And lastly, H went to the Vietnam wall to see his fathers name and found a Christmas card taped to it addressed: “to Harmon Rabb Sr – the father I never knew”Sergei appeared. Webb had risked his life and traded the Chechens wheat for Sergei and brought him out! Webb said “merry Xmas H” but didn’t allow Sergei to say “thanks” by giving him a preemptive “you’re welcome.”

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