Capital Crimes – 146

Written by: Don McGill; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

JAG officer Sara MacKenzie, Mac (M), thought she had had a dream of her own death until later she began having had flashbacks triggered by various things. She dragged a frustrated Sturgis Turner (T) around, and eventually found the body of Cdr Laura Aikin, who was working on the legalities of a nuclear disarmament pact with them. Mac merely pointed to a map and police found Yuri Lentov, an itinerant Russian cab driver, who had Aikin’s pack, wallet and credit cards. Without solid evidence to the contrary, Lentov was released because he claimed that as a vagrant he had merely found the items. Turner asked why M just didn’t “get over” Harm (H) and “move on.” Without thinking, M blurted out “it wouldn’t work cause I’m in love with him” – then swore T to secrecy.

After several misleads, increasingly frustrating to T, M said they made a good team because he was cerebral and compulsive and she “not.” They found that Aikin had been pregnant with the child of director Morgan Deitz of a disarmament company who had lied to her about leaving his wife. Also that she had been harassed by Deitz’s wife after being discovered by her. They also found that Akin had uncovered some weapons grade uranium that was missing when she carried out inspections of the Nerpa shipyard in Russia. Later they discovered that Lentov had: called a security officer at Nerpa shipyard several times; smuggled arms to Chechen Islamic fundamentalist rebels; and converted to Islam while in the Russian army. When threatened with deportation Lentov eventually gave the whereabouts of his accomplices and a seal team captured the ship.

Harm went to the USS Patrick Henry alone to carry out an investigation of an incident during a “vertical replenishment” in which the JAG Lt Yuen had recommended charging the captain and half the crew with various charges. As standard procedure when JAG is in the chain of command, H “started over” which aggravated Yuen. Capt Ingles had ordered replenishment into the darkness, in 18 foot seas. PO Horton, a signalman, was directing the hovering helicopter in his 3rd consecutive shift. A blue shirt, Gladstone, may have not adequately discharged the static electricity before the load set down thereby sparking and setting off some magnesium flares, which then ignited the ammunition and injured rookie airman J Lurie. Finally, to shut off further involvement of the crew, the Capt accepted blame; but, H decided the mishap didn’t require further charges, which further angered Yuen. Harm thanked Ingles for rescuing him from his mishap and said that he wished he was back on the carrier.

Singer (S) barged into Hs apartment when he was gone, went through some mail on a table and, snooping, met Sergei – who thought she was a “pretty lady” even with her hair in a “fist.” Mac reminded Turner that if he let slip their “secret – you won’t have a six.” He retored, “is this what it’s like being friends with you?” She said, “It’s just the beginning.”

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