Odd Man Out – 148

Written by: David Ehrman; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

JAG officer Harm (H) defended corpsman Terrance Shaw for the premeditated murder of Cpl Mark Duquette which was being prosecuted by Mac (M). Bud (B) was called to be on the jury. The evidence was all circumstantial but pointed to Shaw’s guilt. Mac was able to get a “watch cap” excluded from evidence, although B saw it and interpreted it as “reasonable doubt.” Everyone on the jury felt Shaw was guilty and only B thought “not guilty.” Over many hours of debate and evidence reconstruction, B convinced everyone else of the reasonable doubt. Then B was surprised when H wouldn’t shake hands with Shaw after the verdict. Harm then told B that he really “didn’t want to win.” Afterwards B helped M track down more evidence against Shaw and they will attempt a retrial, this time in civilian court.

Turner (T) was sent TAD from JAG to the submarine base in New London. PO Derick Newton’s wife Ellen had served him divorce papers a couple days before deployment. The Captain wouldn’t let Newton go home, so T talked with Newton’s wife; but, was unsuccessful. So T took Newton’s place at work so Newton and several “navy wives” could go to where his wife worked and talk to her. She did finally relent and withdrew the divorce after he promised that they would have a baby when he got back so that during his next deployment she wouldn’t be so alone.

Serge’s (Sg) application for citizenship was denied lacking proof of his parentage; but, H said they would try to get some DNA from his fathers letters. Harm teased M and T through the episode about him having two seats for the super bowl. They both wanted him to take them; but, he strung them along. Chegwidden (C) knew about what H was doing, but wouldn’t tell them either. All except H were at B and Harriet’s (Ht) super bowl party. Harm was actually flying “cover” for the super bowl in an F14 with Skates (Sk). He flew upside-down to take a picture of the bowl in order that people would believe him.

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