The Mission – 150

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JAG attorneys Harm (H) and Mac (M) were sent to the Seahawk to stop JAG’s (Lt Cdr Jack Hillyard in particular) from preventing the prosecution of war by demanding 100% certainty of targets. When he got there, H was asked by Capt. Johnson to fly missions with the ships’ pilots to help refine the rules of engagement. Harm told M he was glad that she was there with him. In one mission H became flight leader due to mechanical problems which upset the “real” leader. Gen Taylor (anvil 22) assigned a target. The ground spotter refined the target to an old school where suspected senior Al Qaeda & Taliban leaders were located. Mac, acting as the JAG advisor, asked if there were buildings which would be collaterally damaged. The spotter said there were but it was night and he believed that it was unlikely that any civilians were there. Mac advised they might “prosecute the target” which surprised the AWACs crew who were used to prolonged deliberation and questioning.

Harm took the target out and managed to avoid a stinger shot from the shoulder of a terrorist but he sustained damage to one engine which he needed to shut down. Then, when he tried to refuel, he didn’t have enough power to stay attached to the tanker so he couldn’t take on much fuel. He had to land with one weak engine and, despite paddles shouting “eject, eject,” he didn’t eject; and had just enough power at the last second to land. When the Capt. asked Hillyard if he saw how it was done, Hillyard said that he would have requested more information. Johnson told him that “he may be a good attorney but you make a lousy wartime JAG” and said he was going to relieve him from duties.

Turner (T) was assigned TAD to Congresswoman Latham as “someone I can trust” during budget hearings. They ended up talking about themselves and T said that he was in the navy due to his father. He said he had no regrets- he played in an army navy game and even saw the northern lights from a sub conning tower at the north pole. Latham was raised by her mother and 2 aunts. They were poor. Latham was worried about what she would say in the hearings so T prepared statements for her which he said were: “so obscure in wording they would sow confusion and dismay amongst enemies.” Latham browbeat T into kissing her. Tiner (Ti) was shown having passed his exams for PO 1st class.

Chegwidden (C) offered Bud (B) the option of overseas shore duty or aboard a ship for his career advancement, and he didn’t act too enthused. Bud and Harriet (Ht) discussed his reassignment then Ht told C she was ok with it but that it was B who was a bit reluctant for change. Chegwidden told her that he had been helping coach high school baseball team for some time. He said he had been a pitcher and was drafted 2nd round by Cleveland but turned it down for an Annapolis appointment, then the SEALs. He said he had never looked back – till now. Singer (S) eavesdropped on B telling Ht about Cs offer and was so blindingly jealous that she demanded Tiner give her an audience with C. She told C she had heard the news from B (as they were very “tight”) but that she was “a better lawyer than B.” Chegwidden did put her in her place: “you have a lot to prove to me as a lawyer and as a person”; but, as she was leaving he called after her “you’ll get your chance.”

Bud was defending, and S prosecuting, PO Jeff Massuco for hit and run driving. She immediately told B she was going to “kick his ass” in the trial and proceeded to buried him with frivolous paper work. She opposed every request for witnesses, funds, and then even a continuance, so B could answer all her paperwork. Bud was portrayed as hapless and became sleep deprived simultaneously caring for little AJs flu to the neglect of his case. Then S buried an important witness in the middle of a list of 28 names and B fell asleep in court! Massuco was found guilty, no surprise. Then his convening authority got new evidence and believed that Bs defense was incompetent. Chegwidden authorized a JAG inquiry into his defense as preliminary to article 32 hearingsā€¦ [episode to be continued].

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