Exculpatory Evidence – 151

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[Continued from previous JAG episode]

Capt Proudy, Pax River commander, set aside Massuco’s conviction due to Bud’s (B) “dereliction of duty.” JAG officer Turner (T) investigated and recommended that Chegwidden (C) hold an article 32 hearing on B. Harm (H) defended, and was angry at T who wouldn’t make an offer commensurate with alleged wrong doing. Chegwidden suggested to B that “you find the same confidence in yourself and your ability as an attorney as I do.”

Mac was called to testify that Buds falling asleep, missing a filing deadline and not contacting a defense witness, Sandra Connor, was not up to standards. Harm got Connor to admit having an affair with Massuco; then, that Massuco had taken the exculpatory cover letter from Singers (S) packet himself because he thought that all the other evidence was circumstantial and doing so would save his shakey marriage. So B was not court-martialed and he could remain at JAG.

Sergei Zhukov was upset that Hs mother “wanted time” to think about giving Hs father’s Vietnam letters to the immigration department in order to prove his paternity which would allow him citizenship. Bud asked Mac to “join the team” to stop H and M from fighting. Chegwidden found that T, Leatham and H were setting him up with dates and told them off. Chegwidden sent Meredith Cavanaugh (Md) home, when she came to the JAG office, incorrectly thinking that Mac, who told him about Cavanaugh, was “puerile” too. Eventually C offered his “sincere apologies” to Meredith who retorted “what would an insincere apology look like.” They quoted Shakespeare to each other and the episode ended with them staring at each other.

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