First Casualty – 153

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Reporter Stuart Dunston was involved in an ambush when he was “tag along” with a SEAL team who were after Mustafa Atef, an Al Qaeda leader, and sustained both military and civilian casualties. Harm (H) was dispatched from JAG to investigate and eventually found that Dunston had had made a satellite phone call (with GPS coordinates) before the ambush, despite being told not to. The SECNAV reamed H and Mac (M) for “harassing” the press. He overturned the field commanders negative decision and allowed Dunston to go on the mission. “Title 10, Article 802” allowed Dunston to be court-martialed with the president (GW Bush) as the convening authority. [The show cited previous cases of the press compromising military efforts and being court martialled; however, neither Lincoln or Gen Andrew Jackson actually had completed the prosecution.)

Turner (T) vehemently argued with H and defended Dunston. The SECNAV testified that he was guilty for not listening to the field commanders. It was shown that Dunstons GPS electronics couldn’t have been the give-away; but, M overheard Dunston’s assistant speaking Farsi then she lied about it when confronted. The assistant had tipped off her Al Qaeda cousin in Pakistan after Dunston had called in his report to her. Dunston then plead guilty and apologized. Turner admitted that he was wrong; H admitted being wrong; and M said “I wasn’t wrong about anything.” Bud (B) is on the USS Seahawk and is keeping secret about PO Jennifer Coates (Co) being his “legal-man.” Singer (S) is still snotty and jealous of him and continued pressing C for an overseas assignment.

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