Tribunal – 155

Written by: Charles Holland; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

A very rare military tribunal was held aboard the USS Seahawk, of Mustafa Atef, an al Qaeda leader. The JAG, Chegwidden (C), didn’t get anyone to volunteer to be defense counsel, so he did it himself; then, Turner (T) volunteered to be his his 2nd chair. A disagreement over who was 1st chair for the defense was settled with a coin toss. Mac (M) chose “tails” and became 2nd to Harm (H). Capt Sebring presided with six others. Atef’s involuntary confession was obtained by Webb (W) during psychological duress and was not allowed. A local warlord, Gen. Hassan Abdullah, was leading a detention camp of Taliban and al Qaeda captives. He tipped off army Cpt Dale Alexander, who captured Atef, but first running into a lone sniper.

Turner had to bodily stop C from choking Atef after Atef had said that those who died in 9/11 “got what they deserved.” Webb and M went to the detention camp to see if Atef’s brother, Kabir, the sniper, was there. Mac was taken hostage at knifepoint by the detainees and was saved by the Gunny (G) (who was also there at the camp) and W. Harm played on Atef’s vanity during the trial and he arrogantly testified, admitting to being “the Mohandes” who had trained men and planned 9/11. He was convicted but committed suicide in his cell before he could give info about Kabir or the future al Qaeda attack involving russia and payment of $250 million.

Singer (S) was left in charge during Cs absence and abused Harriet (Ht) with work until she finally told S that: leadership “is not a power trip.” Our stripes “give us authority, but it’s what’s inside which makes us a leader and you would know that if you had it!”

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