Defending His Honor – 156

Written by: Lynnie Greene, Richard Levine; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

[Interesting JAG story, tantalizing back-story about Webb and Terrorists, annoying soapbox opera between Bud and Harriet]

The substitute ranking JAG officer, Singer (S), welcomed the real JAG, Chegwidden (C), back from his absence with a list of her “make work” accomplishments that made Harriet (Ht) tell him that everyone is “extremely grateful” that he was back. Singer then, intentionally fomented discord between them by telling Harriet about Coates (Co) being on the ship with Bud (B) – and then telling B about Ht’s buying a new house; neither of which had told the other. Singer’s intent was that she might get Bs billet if he decided to come home. Turner (T) volunteered to 2nd chair Mac (M) against Harm’s (H) defense of Judge, Capt Seibring (Sb), for the involuntary manslaughter of Jennifer Wilson’s baby, Ruby, during some of his “road rage.” Seibring refused to plea bargain with M on his principles saying that he didn’t do it. Chegwidden testified that Sb had the patience of a saint so M went after a time when Sb’s son had run away from drug rehab and Sb used “tough love” by throwing him out of the house. Seibring told H to “drop it” when H tried to explain it away in redirect. Then, when H went ahead anyway, Judge Helfman had to gavel Sb down when he “lost it.”

A disgruntled nurse, Fran Masters, came forward to give M an answering machine tape where she was chastised by Sb after she had left her job at his house early, leaving his seriously ill wife alone. He had fired Masters. Although M told H that the plea bargain was still on the table but H declined and went to see Nora Moran, a close friend of Wilson. She gave H information that Wilson had seen a doctor for depression. Harm re-cross examined Wilson who lied about not being depressed; then that the anti-depressant pills were from “after” the accident; then that the pharmacist had mistakenly identified her; then that the lab had mixed up her post accident blood test with someone else. Harm skillfully pushed her not only into the lies but breaking down and confessing that she had decided to commit suicide and take the baby with her. She had intentionally run off the road herself. The charges were dismissed.

Harm connected Webb (W) with Alexi (of the KGB who had helped prevent the assassination of Putin with him) when Webb wanted to track Kabir Atef. Captain Mikael Yerastov was seen accepting a gift from Kabir aboard his ship in Murmansk by another captain who had been approached earlier to help in an action against the US. Yerastov was described as a legend, the last cold warrior, who taught strategy and tactics at the Kuznetsov Naval Academy. When they went to find Yerastov they found that he had disappeared. Later Kabir and Yerastov were shown in a convoy of three jeeps on the border of Iran and Afghanistan. Kabir gave Yerastov a satchel of money and left the jeeps saying that he would meet Yerastov in Bander Abbas. Kabir is a blue and brown eyed Iranian.

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