Smoked – 14

Written by: Donald Bellisario; Watch Now: Link to video of episode on Amazon

[The new JAG, Chegwidden is introduced as well as Krennick’s stated intentions regarding Harm. The character Carlos Fuente’s is introduced played by Bernard White who would also play Sadik Fahd in later episodes.]

Krennick (K) was sexually harassing Harm (H) in her new job as aid to the new JAG, A. J. Chegwidden. “AJ” as he is called, was head of JAG in the pacific. He was a former SEAL in Vietnam who transferred to the fleet to command a destroyer then got a law degree and joined JAG. Krennick said that he had “gone from one branch of the service to the next, surfing the crest of them all.” She said that he eventually wanted the CNO position, like Adm. Arleigh Burke, who was chosen over the heads of many others by the president because he was “aggressive.” Krennick said that because H was the “shining star” he was a threat to her ambitions. When H said “I’m not that good or ambitious” she said “that is one of the reasons I want to sleep with you,” and “as long a you serve under me, you’ll have a tough time earning a sea scout badge.”

Chegwidden sent H and Mg to Cuba with K, telling him to sabotage the software in a downed F-14 before the Cubans could download the technology and trade it for Iranian oil. Harm went up to the cockpit of the Lear Jet which was flying them to Cuba and helped fly the plane. Cuban, Capt Fuentes shot at their Lear jet but missed, due to Hs acrobatics. Jack Keeter, an old roommate of Hs was the pilot of the downed F-14 and H worried that he might have “screwed the pooch,” probably intentionally. Without telling Bair, the weenie from the State Department, H had a Cuban Contra cause a diversion in the hanger with his horse so that he could slip in and rig an explosion using his belt in the intake. When Blair found out what H had done he confessed that he was really a NSA agent and Keeter had been on a black op to “let the Cubans have some software” which had “virus” code in it that would disable aircraft which ‘locked on” to US aircraft. But the code, he said was in the last chip, so if the plane exploded they would have the good code but not the bad.

Harm then went back and told Fuentes of: the phony Blair, the software was “fake,” he hadn’t known about Blair when he sabotaged the plane, offered to disable the “bomb” if Fuentes would cause a diversion and let him escape, the Iranians didn’t need to know, Cubans would still get their oil, everyone would “save face.” Fuentes said “ok” but he would have to give chase and try to shoot them down. Harm agreed and he and Keeter took off chased by Fuentes. They reminisced about spending some time in the Caribbean with a girl, who H could remember better than Keeter, and decided to go visit her again. Fuentes caught up with him and fired a missile just short of the border of the airspace. Harm went into a power dive and pulled out at 100ft causing the missile to miss and explode in the water.

Krennick entered Hs apt unannounced, expecting to bully herself into her threatened tryst, then stormed out, after finding Maria Elena Carmelita Moreno Gutierrez in the shower.

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