The Promised Land – 160

Written by: Dana Coen; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

Bud (B) came home in a wheelchair as was met at the airport by the JAG, Chegwidden (C), Turner (T), Mac (M), Harm (H), Mikey (Mk), Hariett (Ht) and little AJ (aj) but no Big Bud (BB). Chegwidden came to the hospital and tried to give him a purple heart but he wouldn’t receive it. Bud refused rehab while Ht was there, ostensibly because he didn’t want her to see his stump. Harriet wasn’t talking to B about his injury, ostensibly because she “was being supportive.” After C confronted Ht she and B began talking about him loosing his leg. Finally she demanded to pin the Purple Heart on him and he demanded to stand up to receive it. BB made excuses and refused to visit B. Bud finally called him and said “I love you” to which BB didn’t respond.

Chegwidden began dating Meredith Cavanaugh (Md) who, besides being a Shakespearian scholar and college professor played a complete fool. She brought him food “thinking she could cook” but it tasted foul; she made a fool of herself by taking over the piano players microphone in a fancy restaurant (NO karaoke bar) and wailed apparently oblivious to the winces of the patrons. She did give C insight about how to handle his sensed resentment from Harriet. Chegwidden described her to H as “the brightest most perceptive woman he’s met. There’s nothing that doesn’t interest her and nothing that she’s afraid of trying. Her capacity for expanding herself is becoming an issue. She is remarkably unskilled but doesn’t know it. She has no sense of her own limitations – and she wants H to teach her to fly!” Chegwidden asked Ht point blank “Do you resent me?” Harriet didn’t answer. When he asked “do you hold me responsible?” she said “Yes.” Then she said that “but if Bud had to choose between his leg and having you in his life HE would choose Cs leadership.”

Harm and M together defended a deserter cpl Peter Mars who was found fighting in the Israeli army after: becoming Jewish; being rejected by his mother amd his Jewish fiancĂ©; and being relieved as fire team leader after breaking cpl Fogal’s nose when Fogal threatened him with circumcision. The “I’m better at obeying orders than you” T prosecuted along with Singer (S) as co-council. Singer “shut H up” by claiming to be Jewish herself and never feeling “put upon in the service enough to desert.” When T questioned her about her “hiding” her religion she lied even deeper. Mars was found guilty but received a light sentence. During the case T asked the jury: “what is ultimately the moment of truth? It is the intersection of what you want for yourself and what is expected of you.”

Chegwidden told S of her new assignment to the Seahawk to replace Bud. Turner told S that her re-assignment “saved him from requesting to never be partnered with her again” and that he’s “considering revealing her lie” (he had checked her service record which revealed her lies). Singer asked what she could do to get him not to. “Anyone else but you,” he said, “I’d tell to pray.”

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