Family Business – 161

Written by: Steven Phillip Smith; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

Singer (S) was shipping out of JAG. Everyone was extremely polite and even had a party, but were gone so fast with excuses she couldn’t even finish her “goodbye and thanks for the party” speech. Mac (M) told Harm (H) that the reason she was happy was because of her dream of “seeing S on television ‘standing on the Seahawk.'” Turner (T) told her that he had two presents: one – he wouldn’t tell about her “being Jewish lie” as long as she acted the part and as far as he was concerned she was Jewish; and two – he gave her a Mezuzah that she was supposed to put up on “the doorway of her quarters.”

DNA testing was inconclusive so Sergei (Sr) didn’t get citizenship. He told H that he was lonely most of the time and that he had decided to go back to Russia. Harm had tried to warn him about Singer to which he “blew up” claiming H was trying to overprotect him. Singer charmed Sergei who told H that she was “Russian in spirit, and deeper than he realized.” When H was a bit late to take him to the airport Sergei ended up calling S who gave him a ride. Sergei told H that “I will miss you and that is all you need to know.”

The Pres accepted the SECNAVs resignation. Cpl Shawn Stiles (amputee) was dogging Bud (B) in rehab where B was “giving up.” Mikey (Mk) had to shame Big Bud (BB) into visiting B. Bud whined at Stiles: “at least you’ve got your fathers support.” Bud finally recognized the folly of his ways after H talked to him. He went down to rehab by himself and fell while trying to walk on the bars but was caught by Mk and BB who had finally come to visit.

Harm defended Gunny Sgt Akers on a murder charge for shooting his wife. Mac prosecuted and refused to talk about a settlement while she went for “premeditation.” Akers claimed “self defense” as his wife was an alcoholic who had “abused” him before. Akers also refused to let H talk to his 10 y/o son Tommy and said that he had not previously reported either his own previous broken arm and scalding by his wife or her abuse of Tommy because he considered it “family business.” When M revealed that Akers had been previously charged with “assault” of his wife, H blew up at Akers stating that “the death penalty just came into play.” Because he knew Akers was lying to him H discussed the case with B. During the discussion he realized that it was probably Tommy who had shot his mother and his father was covering up for him. Harm told B “there is a God” cause “he only took your leg not your head.” Harm then discovered that Tommy had a knife wound on his back where he was attacked by his drunken mother. Tommy had fled and tried to hold her back with an (unregistered) gun from a drawer; but, when she came at him he shot her. Akers had told Tommy that she was “just wounded” and he would “try to calm her down.” Then wiping Tommy’s fingerprints off the gun he stabbed himself to make it look like self-defense and shot her in the shoulder to make it look like Tommy was the one who had only wounded her. When finally confronted with all of this he claimed he was trying not to have Tommy go through life knowing that he’d killed his mother. Akers was found “not guilty” but the judge told him he hadn’t acted worthy of a marine.

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