Dangerous Game – 162

Written by: John Chambers; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

Harriet (Ht) and Bud (B) pulled up in front of their new two story house that daddy bought behind Bs back; in their new SUV that Ht pressured B to let daddy help them buy; into the den with a big screen TV that daddy bought and a piano that mommy thought would be good for AJs music lessons. She babied B until he complained to Coats (Co) by Email. Coats told him that Singer (S) had thrown up every day since coming on board. Admiral Chegwidden (C) brought wine, Tiner (Ti) Star Trek DVDs, Turner (T) a submarine book, Harm (H) an Enterprise CD and Mac (M) a Seahawk model.

The SECNAV was “fired” and replaced by Sen. Sheffield who had been his accuser in previous hearings [They used blue screen footage with president Bush in the oval office for swearing in]. SECNAV Sheffield forced C to bring a “friend” into JAG – Lt. Cdr Tracy Manetti (Mn) who’s tobacco farmer father had contributed substantially to his election. She and her three brothers are all lawyers. When Sheffield showed familiarity with Mn, she told C that she wasn’t part of the SECNAVs agenda and didn’t expect special treatment. Chegwidden told her “you won’t be disappointed.”

Navy SEAL Lt Brad Reynolds and PO Pittman were on a training mission in the community of Somerville when Deputy Ray Gault clocked them speeding. He got instructions from his sheriff, who was watching Smoky and the Bandit, to give chase and was killed in a rollover. Reynolds knew that he wasn’t speeding and thought the pull over was part of the exercise, like a previous time, so hadn’t stopped. Manetti wanted to increase the charge to reckless endangerment from negligent homicide. When M called Reynolds arrogant he said “confident” because he had “made myself that way.” The OP orders for the exercise were to obey civil authorities. The ‘Old boy sheriff, dishonest and arrogant, claimed that he hadn’t received either the fax or telephone call notifying him of the training mission. Harm and Manetti showed that Reynolds had been involved in a bar altercation 10 days previously and had threatened the deputy. Mac told T that they wouldn’t do any re-direct because “how can you patch the Titanic.” They found that it was the sheriff who had instigated the bar incident by shaming Gault in front of the SEALs, saying that Gault had washed out of the SEALs. They found that the sheriff had actually lied and had received the fax. Also that another deputy had called the sheriff in his office twice: both before and 5 minutes after the SEAL office had made their direct phone call notification. The phone log showed that sheriff was in his office. The radar gun was miscalibrated 10 MPH fast. They intimated that the states attorney would have questions with the sheriff when they were through. Reynolds took a plea so he could stay in the navy. Turner told H that Reynolds had volunteered to take a “career hit” because he felt he should be “held to a higher standard as a SEAL.”

Meredith (Md) coerced C to coerce H to take her flying. Harm asked it “it was an order” but then was shamed to agreeing to “gas up Sarah.” Chegwidden thought Hs plane was named after Mac (Sara) but it had been named after his grandmother. Like the scatterbrained, buffoon she is, Md pushed the stick into a power-dive and was oblivious to the ground screaming up at them as well as Hs shouting “let go of the stick.” She then smashed into the rudder looking over the side and was oblivious to the plane flipping over and Hs shouting “get off the rudder.” She offered to “help” H land and was oblivious to his emphatic “NO”; then she told C that she “couldn’t wait until the next ‘lesson’.”

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