Offensive Action – 164

Written by: Lynnie Greene, Richard Levine; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

Commander Beth O’Neil was charged with sexual harassment by Lt. Cursey to whom she had given a poor fitness report. Harm (H) and Manetti (Mn), of JAG, defended her but differed in their assessment of O’Neil. Manetti believed she was innocent, H that she was hiding something. Cursey claimed that O’Neil had called him into her BOQ in the evening, commented on his girlfriend, and paused before she signed his report. He believed she was waiting for him to offer sexual favors and she wouldn’t sign it although she never actually said anything of the kind. He told Mn “I don’t know how to say this with being vain but I’ve been approached by women before, a lot.” He really had never actually confronted or warned O’Neil before going ahead and filing charges. During the case, others testified that O’Neil had seemed inappropriate to them referring to male personnel. Lt. Murtaugh wanted to testify that she “danced with him.” Lt Cdr Nancy Yorkin said O’Neil asked if she had ever fantasized about sleeping with Cursey. She had replied that Manetti pursued the answer until Yorkin admitted “yes, but never acted on it” – then believed that O’Neil was meaning she had done the same thing but probably never acted on it either.

O’Neil refuted that she had only talked to Cursey about how one of his mistakes had cost 14 hours of flying time and missing a Japanese sub by his carelessly deploying sonar buoys. She had paused only to see if he had understood but he had just glared back. She said there had been several other mistakes that she had overlooked but “this one was too important to let go.” Mac (M) asked O’Neil if she had had any sexual encounters in 3 years since her divorce over Hs objections. O’Neil replied “No,” but M continued to badger her until the judge had to back her down. When both Mn and H said they didn’t believe her, O’Neil finally admitted that she was gay and had probably overcompensated in front of female personnel. Mac offered another deal to H which he couldn’t take. In their discussions he told M that O’Neil was innocent (but of course he couldn’t reveal how he knew). Mac said the case was pure and simple; but, H replied that “the truth is rarely pure and never simple, Mac.” Manetti gave H a ring from a cigar and explained that when young she would give the ring’s from her daddy’s cigars to her friends. Harm asked if she considered him a friend and she said she would “when you learn to trust me.” He said that she should learn to trust him – that they were both right: O’Neil was innocent and she was hiding something. Harm showed in court that Cursey was still making mistakes under his new commander and suggested that “perhaps you are so used to being defined by your looks” that he had overlooked the real story. He asked Cursey if it was possible he had misunderstood and Cursey finally admitted that it was possible. The judge dismissed the charges.

Turner (T) and M argued: T- that Cursey was mistaken, M- that H had snowed Cursey into thinking he was mistaken. Mac asked “what was she hiding” and both H and Mn answered at once: “don’t ask.” [In reference to the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy of he military]

Hariett (Ht) pulled away from intimacy with B. Bud walked out on his friend and fellow amputee, Styles, in a bar when Styles went to pick up a woman with his prosthetic showing. Bud apparently seemed to think that Styles wasn’t sufficiently ashamed of not being whole. He then started malingering in his rehab. Finally Styles came to confront B with hurting his feelings and B was surprised to see that Melissa had actually found Styles interesting.

Chegwidden (C) sent Meredith (Md) flowers and she responded with an embarrassing videotape. Harm complained to C that Md had been leaving messages on his answering machine but C wouldn’t give him any suggestions on what to tell her. She cooked fish for C, leaving a bone in which he choked on. She gave him at least two heimlick’s and had a fire in the kitchen. Then she forced a back massage on him, calling herself a “professional,” and broke his rib.

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