Ready or Not – 166

Written by: Don McGill; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

Harm (H), of the JAG office, defended Marine Maj Gen Lucas West (red team) who had been charged with disobeying the orders of Army Lt Genl Anthony Manzarek (joint ops leader) when he won a war game which he claimed was “rigged.” West had used small zodiac boats, his troops had shoulder fired missiles and corporate jets were loaded with fuel and TNT to run directly at the battle group and disable it; none of which set well with Manzarek. Manzarek wanted to put a punitive letter in West’s record, but he refused saying that he “wanting his day in court.” Blue team admiral Tucci whined that he was “killed” unfairly so he had to be “reconstituted” to finish the game. “West,” he said, “had targeted their communications which is what the games had been scripted to test.” Manzarek claimed that West had disobeyed orders to stand down, but West retaliated that they had no communications because they were being jammed. Col Haller, West’s chief of staff, told H that they did have an emergency channel to communicate only “real world” emergencies.

Turner (T) brought up a previous incident of West’s 10 years earlier when his battalion killed a column of Republican Guard who were “retreating” after having fired on West’s men. Coincidentally after the cease fire had been called but before he had received the message. Harm found that Manzarek had testified against him back then as well and was angry when West had been cleared. West sent an Email to Oliver North who ranted about it on his radio talk show.

Mac (M) was the judge for this trial and she dogged Hs standard courtroom procedures to the point that finally said: “I know, sustained” before she had the chance to do it. She let Turner (T) get away with things that she wouldn’t allow H. Harm tried to make a deal with T but was refused. Haller then brought H a copy of West’s complete battle plan which he had surreptitiously given to Manzarek 5 months before the game – a spy! He said he had originally been told that West was a loose cannon; however, now had changed his mind. Harm reamed Manzarek on the stand and made him look like a fool. It was obvious that he had rigged the game to get rid of “an officer which you had branded as corrosive and disruptive.” West was found not guilty on all counts. Turner said he was glad this one was over and H said “you and me both” and continued “an appeal before this judge would be murder.”

Meredith (Md) nearly killed Chegwidden (C) in her car saying she had been to “rally school.” During a dinner she admitted to wounding her male high school home economics partner with a knife which made him require stitches and loose his tennis scholarship. Chegwidden had a great dinner with her and said “I can’t believe it.” She then admitted to having “purchased their dinner at a restaurant.” Chegwidden tried, but failed, to confront her about her penchant for danger.

Bud (B) and Hariett (Ht) had an open-house where C told him that his coming back was up to the doctors. Mac said the crab cakes looked “dangerous” and H asked her if that was a “ruling or an opinion.” Bud discovered that Manetti (Mn) was in his old office and she called him a “legend around the office” and a “true northern gentleman.” He was approved to return to limited duty. Full duty would be determined by the Physical Review Board (85% of applicants fail).

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