Hemlock – 15

Written by: Jack Orman, Donald P. Bellisario, Robert Cochran; Watch Now: Link to video of episode on Amazon

JAG officer Meg (Mg) accidentally received a fax of “Shepard’s” itinerary from someone who was breaking into the British Naval Intelligence building to use their computers. He was nearly caught and had transposed the last two numbers of the fax number he was sending. Harm (H) went for a check-ride until about noon which really “ticked-off” Krennick (K) who was burying them with scut work from another agency which had “overflow,” in order to make points. Harm and Mg figured that “Shepard” must be some dignitary, and possibly classified, so he locked it in the safe while he went to lunch with an Annapolis friend, now in intelligence, Bruce Carmichael.

At lunch when H mentioned “Shepard” Carmichael nearly choked but then stonewalled H and told him to “shred it immediately” although nothing more. The man who broke in came looking for Mg in order to recover his fax. While she was giving it to him K came in then stormed back out when she found that H was gone again. A few seconds later she came back in just as Mg was being shot and nearly missed being shot herself. Krennick inflicted her egoistical personality on everyone, alienating the doctors and nurses trying to save Mg to the point that H had to continually “bite his tongue” in order to work with her. She continually wanted to “involve state,” and H told her “just so you can make points,” which was probably true, although he had to apologize. Harm went to “Ollie” (Col Oliver North) who came and stayed with Mg through her surgery and recovery. He told them that “Shepard” was Boris Yeltzin who was coming to sign a ban on nuclear material sales to Pakistan. Also that it was the illusive, and unknown “Hemlock” who had been assigned to assassinate Yeltzin.

Krennick had an artist sketch drawn up of “Hemlock” as she was the ONLY known person to have seen him, thus making herself a target. Chegwidden (C) said he’d been kept up all night with calls from people who wanted him to “call off his dogs because they were messing on peoples lawn.” Instead he told H and K to “go get ’em.” Ollie recommended a computer nerd who hacked into the government personnel files and found a custodian who had been hired but didn’t have a photo in the database. The nerd had a copper lined old house which was “bug-proof” and extracted a date socially from K before giving them the information.

When they arrived at Ellzey’s, the custodians, house, Carmichael and the SWAT team were already there. A gun battle ensued followed by a single shotgun blast. They found that the person inside had “committed suicide,” destroying his head to prevent recognition. Harm blasted down Carmichael, blaming him for stonewalling and preventing them from taking precautions for Meg.

Ollie didn’t believe that it was Hemlock who had killed himself and H, later, discovered a bomb in Ks car which had been placed after the supposed “suicide.” When they told Carmichael he was still angry with them; but, followed them to the Hotel where the signing was to be held, and got them through security. Hemlock, a master of disguise, got through security playing several parts and hiding a gun in a lobster. Krennick recognized him, just as he saw her, and was able to duck his shot, although it hit Carmichael who was behind her. Hemlock joined the confused Russian security who was shuttling Yeltzin out of the hall. Harm gave chase but had to dodge a massive barrage of gunfire from the Russians.

Hemlock escaped and removed all his disguise so H didn’t recognize the driver of an escaping car had stopped by unloading his gun at it. Krennick finally caught up and ID’d the driver as Hemlock.

During her coma Mg “dreamed” of her deceased father who took her for a horseback ride. As she awakened her father was telling her that “it wasn’t her time yet.” She mistook Ollie for her dad as she woke up, then asked H “how was lunch.”

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