The Killer – 168

Written by: Charles Holland; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

Inspector Pietro Gianinni of Interpol requested JAG assistance investigating four serial killings in Italian cities wherever the destroyer USS Gillcrest was in port. Harm (H) was diverted from the Seahawk to Italy and Manetti (Mt) was sent to meet him because she was the only one in the office who had taken an FBI “profiling” course. She had never actually profiled a case before but was told to follow Hs lead. Harm walked in on her only wearing a towel in his room (while hers was being cleaned). She hit if off with Gianinni because she spoke Italian from her heritage. With Cmdr. Amanda Waller, ships captain, and PO Marshall, they narrowed the suspects down to duty section four, the only one ashore during all four murders. Manetti gave the profile as a young man with female authority figure issues.

They uncovered two previously unknown crimes but their perpetrators both had alibi’s. PO Lester Petrosky was with a prostitute who turned out to be a transvestite and got so upset he beat him up. PO Benjamin Holt’s initial alibi didn’t pan out but H eventually tricked him into admitting that he had raped a girl. Feeling they had failed they saw PO Marshall saying goodbye to his new wife who met him in his port’s of call. They then started looking for a dependent of a crew member and Cmdr. Waller told them of her step son Peter who had been under psychiatric help for anger and violent behavior after his father died. They discovered that he had actually been in all the places where crimes had been committed although his mother didn’t know he had been three. They found where he was staying and had to subdue him but found a sailor’s uniform in his suitcase.

Bud (B) was found unfit for full duty by the physical evaluation board so he began conditioning with Turner’s help while he requested a formal hearing. Singer (S) was back and rebuffed all attempts at friendship of the staff. Harriet (Ht) obsessed at S’s intended abortion and forced herself on S about not having one and advised that pregnancy was “a gift.” Later S came to Ht’s house and AJ called her the wicked witch. Singer asked why she cared. Harriet told her “I know what it’s like to loose a child.” “Sometimes it’s not what you do that’s hard, it’s living with it afterwards.” Singer said goodbye and that she was taking 30 days leave to “sort things out.”

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