Standards of Conduct – 171

Written by: Philip DeGuere; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

On the way to work at JAG, Harm (H) rear-ended an old lady, Mrs. Motley, in heavy traffic when she suddenly slammed on her brakes while he was being distracted by violent honking from the car behind him. When exchanging information he found that his insurance had just elapsed. The next day Raymond Harrick, her attorney, called offering him a $30K settlement for her whiplash injury. Harrick already had doctors letters and had filed in court even before H told them that he didn’t have that kind of money. Harm asked Turner (T) for help as his attorney but was refused. Bud (B) was offended that he was not asked but helped anyway and found that Harrick had used an insurance company accomplice who didn’t send renewal notices; then, he set up an accident with actors and filed fraudulent whiplash lawsuits.

Lt. Jeremy Duncan, a computer expert, slandered the SEC Defense and the Governor of Virginia claiming that the Psycoustics audio program used in Marines new helmets was defective. His CO wanted to court-martial him but the SECNAV wanted it handled quietly. Mac (M) was assigned to investigate and used the helmet. She was convinced it was defective and arranged for a letter of reprimand and resignation. Civilian attorney Harlan Bradford downloaded a JAG boilerplate resignation from the web and got Duncan out of the Navy. Psycoustics filed a grievance when the navy pulled the plug on the helmet development claiming Duncan had sabotaged the 3D audio program while looking at their source code. Mac got very upset and Chegwidden assigned H to assist her in investigating Mad Hamster to “bring balance.” Mac and H later found that the sabotage was true and he had stolen it for Bradford’s “Mad Hamster” video game company. Mac tried to get Psycoustics to sue them but they wouldn’t. She was angry but gave up. Harm didn’t and discovered that Duncan was still on terminal leave so hadn’t been discharged yet. He was brought back and court-martialed. The trial wasn’t shown but T was shown standing with him for sentencing where he got 1yr hard labor, $50,000 fine (his signing bonus from Mad Hamster) and a dishonorable discharge.

Harm received a Silver Star for saving the fleet from a nuclear missile by letting it chase him in his F14 until it ran out of fuel. Turner was shown receiving a medal as well but it was not mentioned. Harm noticed a “first computer” on Ms desk and she said it was for little AJs “fifth birthday” coming up in a couple of months. Harm had a flashback to when they had promised each other to have a baby together in “five years if neither of them were married.” Then H had hallucinations and dreams of M being pregnant as well as Renee, Harriett, Coates and Singer. He got a post card from Renee saying that she was pregnant with twins. Tiner suggested that he “dodged a bullet with that one.” When he finally discussed the “slip of the tongue” with M she thought it funny and asked if he wanted “out of the deal” or had thought that she wanted to “move up the timetable.” He said “No” and she replied“you’re a silly man.”

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