Ice Queen – Part 1 – 178

Written by: Donald Bellisario, Don McGill; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

[This is a complicated conjoint JAG show with NCIS. Lots of electronics and fast paced legal posturing.]

Tommy, A boy scout, missed his target and shot his arrow into the woods, hitting a decomposed body. Agent Gibbs and Blackadder of NCIS investigated. Gibbs told Tommy he could “shut out” any bad dreams, claiming that he had seen something terrible when he was young and done it. He gave Tommy his card and hat and promised a tour of the department. They found a decomposed body with it’s face eaten away by crows; but, not its hands or feet. Blackadder, bantering with agent Dinozzo, revealed that her brother had died in the attack on the USS Cole. The Medical Examiner, called Ducky, estimated the death to be about 3 weeks previous. The body was a blond, pregnant, JAG officer. The first of many odd “flashback” type episodes (shown in posturization effect and apparently representing the view of the corpse) seemed to prompt Gibbs that the body hadn’t been dropped there but had floated into the trees. They were all shown letting themselves through security into MTAC, where they watched as Amad Ben Atwa was captured. He was the terrorist who had given explosives and money to Hasan Mohammed who had then executed the attack on the Cole. Blackadder demanded that she be allowed “in on the kill” and Gibbs faced her down that the agency wasn’t for her personal revenge and she better “get it” or pack up and leave. They had a discussion about obtaining the baby’s DNA to “finger” a suspect at JAG – and Blackadder was the only one who worried that it was illegal to use military DNA for anything but ID’ing military personnel. Gibb’s intended to use it, if he could. They found a metallic sliver embedded in corpse’s skull.

Gibb and Harm (H) bristled at each other from their first meeting. The JAG, Chegwidden (C), turned down H’s request to conduct a concurrent JAG-man investigation. Chegwidden intervened in the argument and took H aside to calm him down. Harm wouldn’t say anything about any relation with Singer (S) – who they deduced was missing. Then C realized that Gibb’s was “setting them up” by allowing them to talk; because hearsay rules wouldn’t apply when Gibb’s questioned C. He would have to tattle on everything that H had said. Harm said “he wouldn’t be that devious”; C replied that “he reminds me a lot of you.” Chegwidden then called Gibb’s on his plan and said that “the only thing H told me was that he didn’t kill Singer or know who did.” They found blood on a bridge which matched Singers. Manetti (Mn) revealed that the bartender had told her Singer was seeing a civilian – thereby revealing H’s unofficial investigation – which then Mac (M) showed that she didn’t know about. Blackadder wanted to go for H’s jugular but Gibbs said that H was so good that if they didn’t tie up the pieces H “would do an OJ, even without a defense attorney.”

Harm called Sergei from a pay phone. He was preparing for his wedding to Galina, had been in country 3 weeks earlier, hadn’t seen Singer since H had made her call him, and believed Singer when she said that the baby wasn’t his. Abby, a weird nurd-like, path tech said that Singer had died within 2 hours of a snack at a bar, and found Sergei’s Moscow cell phone number on a Benzinger’s napkin. Ducky surprised them all with findings that Singer had been frozen and therefore killed between the 4th and 6th of Jan. The fetus’ blood type showed that H couldn’t have been the father.

Gibbs was shown in private conversation with “Director” (Morrow) who asked about their “prime suspect.” Gibbs told him it was Harm. “Director” told him that, as their top interrogator, he needed to wind up his murder investigation quickly because he was needed to extract info from Atwa who intel said was planning another “grey hull attack.” Coats told Gibbs of hearing H’s heated discussion with Singer at Benzinger’s. Marines found a Navy hat near the murder site and H’s fingerprints were found in Singer’s impounded car. Gibbs interrogated H at his headquarters. He hadn’t read him his rights so H postured that he could leave. Gibbs threatened to tattle to C, so H stayed. Gibb’s played mind games with H, trying to entrap him. Blackadder emailed Gibbs to “read him his rights” but Gibb’s didn’t. Dinozzo told her that Gibb’s was “setting him up.” Harm banged his hand on their two-way glass, causing feedback in their microphones. Gibb’s got harm defending Sergei and bullied him into saying that he had written Sergei’s phone number on a napkin from Benzinger’s for Singer. While H was making excuses for Sergei, Gibb’s began telling him his rights. H said he waved them and forcefully asked Gibb’s if, with his experience, he could tell if someone had murdered someone. Gibbs claimed that he could so harm demanded him to look into his eyes and “ask me.” While Dinozzo was cuffing H, Gibbs continued his attempts at entrapment by deceitfully asking “would you kill for your brother?” [Continued in next episode]

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