Pas de Deux – Part 2 – 181

Written by: Dana Coen, Stephen Zito; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

[Continued from previous JAG episode]

When Garcia got the drop on them both and asked why he shouldn’t shoot him, Webb (W) said that he could “make him rich” explaining that he had a “line” on Predator B missiles, van and 4 hellfire war heads. Garcia gave him back his gun and said that he and Mac (M), his wife, had “earned his trust.” Garcia sent Gunny (G) with Sadik’s men to test the circuit boards then to bring back the drugs. Gunny asked who would be backup and was told there would be none. Sadik’s men kept using vague references to him like “he would be dealt with.” Webb stopped the car to let M “relieve herself” and shot Alvaro Camacho, his driver, who he realized was a “mole” when he noticed a passing look of recognition between him and Sadik’s men. Edward Hardy, the CIA section chief in Paraguay, told W that he was no longer the youngest under secretary or rising star. He would give W help only if he could take credit for it- “your ticket out of here is going to have my name on it too.” He was then shown going to a night meeting with some “drug lord looking” Spanish men. When it same time to take out Garcia’s hacienda Hardy whined and waffled until M backed him down with full blame for letting a known enemy of the US escape.

Gunny was still waiting at Sadik’s and saw them start to move the missiles so he used his cell phone to call W. Search lights came on and Sadik came on the line to tell W that “what he was looking for wasn’t there.” He told G that it would be a “long night for him” then took him to the veranda and had drinks with him. Finally he took him to the torture room where they were getting ready to use shocks when H and W showed up. Hardy had refused to help because “he didn’t have intel.” During the gunfight many of Sadik’s men were killed and gunny escaped from the room but was shot as they were getting into the car. A grenade was thrown under the car and it exploded tipping the vehicle on its side.

Harm was inordinately worried about M and called Catherine Gale, CIA attorney, for some info or help finding W. She slammed him for “thinking the CIA is your own personal information kiosk.” He wanted her to make a call and get him “into the loop.” “There’s no way in, that’s why it’s called the loop,” she told him. She was notified of her mothers imminent demise so H drove her to the hospital. He was sucked by her lies into a role play as Gale’s fiancĂ© and by her brother’s “arm twisting.” From Gale’s mother’s death bead she manipulated and pressured H into getting married in her room before she died. Harm had Bud (B) perform the ceremony who used a same sex ceremony from Denmark that he got off the internet and pronounced them “partners for life” using Harriet’s ring. Then Gale’s mother rallied and her condition was upgraded. She finally did put a call in to director Harrison Kershaw who said that even he couldn’t get hold of Webb because he was “on his own on this one.” He told H that he’d looked at his service record and “if he ever found himself out of uniform to call him for a job.”

Bud called H and said he was at home with Harriet and thanks for his criticism. Chegwidden and Meredith went around the office confirming their engagement.

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