A Tangled Webb I – Part 3 – 182

Written by: Stephen Zito; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

[Follow-up to the previous JAG ‘cliff-hanger’ type episode – itself a true cliff-hanger leaving H and Ms fate (and contracts) in a state of limbo – there was no ‘to be continued’ tag at the end of the episode!]

The JAG, Chegwidden (C), notified Harm (H) that Mac (M) and Webb (W) were missing in Paraguay. When C didn’t approve Hs request to be sent to find M, nor his request for leave so he could on his own time, H resigned his commission! Chegwidden said “after you’ve given up your career and risked your life to save M what are you willing to risk to keep her?” Harm said he hadn’t thought it through. Harm obtained contact with the CIA director through Catharine Gale; and although it was he who sent harm to bureau director Edward Hardy, Hardy still wouldn’t help. He told H that “life is cheap, trust no one.” Gunny (G) had escaped M and Ws “rescue” battle with Sadik and eventually found H in the city. He took him to where W and M were being tortured by Sadik Fahd.

Webb told M that he had asked specifically for her on this mission; because, he wanted her with him, and that he “wished he could die for us both.” Sadik put them in the same cell with a captured missionary couple, Warren and Carla Robinson, who he was trying to use to obtain ransom money from their church. Carla then informed Sadik that M was really not pregnant, hoping to obtain his favor. After their church finally refused to pay ransom, Sadik shot the couple telling them: “there was Jesus and Judas” and that they had “followed the wrong example.” Harm and Gunny arrived just in time to rescue W and M before M was tortured; but, Sadik escaped to go to the Stinger missiles in a semi-truck on a “Mennonite farm next ro a river.” Mac kissed W in front of H who seemed very “taken back” by their familiarity. Mac continued to depict a pregnant woman and helped H rent a biplane from a Mennonite farmer under the pretext of being flown to the hospital. They found Sadik’s trucks and dropped dynamite on the one with Stinger missiles which destroyed it in a fireball; but, they were shot at and had their plane damaged which then crashed into jungle trees. Gunny took W back to obtain medical help.

Back at JAG, Coats (Co) was decompensating over worry. Harriet (Ht) went around giving advice to everyone and even inflicted herself on Chegwidden by offering for her and Bud to be a “listening ear” (and, basically, a shoulder for him to cry on.) Then when C asked her if she’d “spoken about this to Bud” she said that she had not, and he said “well don’t” then dismissed her. She exited telling Tiner that “things are just ducky‚Ķ good if you’re a duck” and pathetically went around the corner crying with her feelings hurt.

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