Secret Agent Man – 185

Written by: Darcy Meyers; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

Harm (H) was fired from JAG and is now flying for the CIA. Blaisdell (Bl), his new boss, assigned him to fly a “drop” into the Philippines; then, H found that he was “second” to Cdr Beth O’Neil who had been flying for them since H got her cleared of harassment charges. Felix Paraiso was a former colonel in the army who had previously tried two coups against sitting presidents and still had enough support to be elected to the House of Representatives. He “was planning something” and had tortured and killed the CIA’s previous agent Greg Ortega. As Ortega did most of his business in his car, Blaisdell was going to switch cars with one having implanted GPS, Surveillance and chemical sniffing equipment. Harm and O’Neil were only to fly a C130 to a remote, lawless area and drop it but their contacts had also been killed; so, Blaisdell told them to land and make the switch themselves. They almost crashed landing on a short strip. They stole clothes from a farmer for their disguise but H left some money. O’Neil posed as a hooker and enticed Paraiso’s driver, Petto Santos, into the woods while H made the switch. She tried to leave and needed to knee him in order to get away but was arrested and charged with attempted murder. They used the homing device to track Santos to a massage parlor and H confronted him there telling him he was working for Santos’ wife. Santos thought O’Neil had been hired by his wife and made a deal with H so he wouldn’t tell his wife about the massage parlors.

Paraiso met with an accomplice military man who had C3 explosives on his clothing and were planning an explosion. Blaisdell gave instructions by cell phone to H and O’Neil and got them into a building where the bomb was located. The phone signal faded out leaving them to disarm the bomb and fail-safe alone. O’Neil told H that the fail-safe wouldn’t use the normal black wire for neutral &ndash “probably.” They disarmed the bomb but were noticed escaping and chased. They barely made it back to the plane and took off amidst a hail of gunfire using JATO jet boosters. Paraiso and accomplice were “neutralized” by the Philippine army. Harm and O’Neil were offered field agent status – H said he was thinking about it.

Capt Tally charged Kevin Dupree, Mikey’s (M) roommate, with plagiarism on an English assignment. Dupree asked Mikey to go before the honors board with him as a character witness claiming he had only done what everyone else was doing and used books for ideas. Mikey was worried that if he was in Dupree’s corner the reputation would rub off on him. He went to the christening of Bud (B) and Harriet’s (Ht) baby and asked Big Bud (BB) what to do. Big Bud told him not to testify for Dupree, B told him to make his own decision and BB belittled him for it. The baby was going to be named James Kirk Roberts after the star trek captain and B hadn’t told Ht about the connection. Big Bud commended Chegwidden (C) for “dumping that pain in the ass Rabb” and C asked him how he had managed to stay in the military so long. Mac (M) talked to Mikey then had Coates (Co) do some follow-up research. Coates pushed M into going to talk to Tally thinking he was being prejudiced. It turned out that Tally was black as well and told M that Dupree cut corners and was insubordinate. He said that people must have passed him without undue examination because he showed promise. In fact Coates called Dupree’s retired English teacher who said that he’d done it before; but, because he was already accepted to the academy, the charge was “made to go away.” Mikey promised to appear for Dupree but after M had told him of Dupree’s past he told the board that he couldn’t go against the honor code even for his best friend. Dupree apologized and Tally recommended 1-year honor remediation.

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