Survivors – 18

Written by: Scott Gemmill, Jack Orman, Mark Saraceni; Watch Now: Link to video of episode on Amazon

[A bit of an unusual JAG episode of a paranormal bent]

Col Matt Anderson’s son Trevor was being moved away from his father by his divorced mother. The boy began calling his father by a private nickname known between only his father and his father’s childhood/marine buddy, “digger.” That was so unusal, Anderson believed that somehow “Digger” must be speaking to him through his son. The Col hadn’t been able to keep a promise that he had made to “digger” which was to bring him back from Vietnam. Without consent of Anderson’s former wife, her attorney obtained an arrest warrant for the Col who was trying to take Trevor back to their boyhood cabin in order to somehow fulfill his promise.

Deputy Terrance Hodge (a bitter ex-marine) manhandled Trevor while he was trying to arrest the Col and was “decked” by the Col. Then Hodge lied about it and formed a manhunt. JAG officer Harm (H) helped the Col escape in a helicopter twice, frustrating Hodge who then got a warrant for Hs arrest as well.

Hodge’s partner had to restrain Hodge from shooting H when H threw himself between Hodge and the Col who was carrying Trevor up to the cabin. Harm and Meg (Mg) bluffed Hodge about actually having a videotape of his manhandling the col and backhanding Trevor, so he let H go and the Col surrender to H without Trevor being there to witness his fathers arrest.

The Col and Mrs. Anderson were getting divorced only because of the Col’s career – (which he didn’t have any more.) Harm and Mg didn’t believe in the psychic link between Trevor and “digger” until Trevor, in sort of a trance, turned and gave them a “diggers” thumbs up.

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