Hail and Farewell (Part I) – 205

Written by: Dana Coen; Watch Now: – Sorry, not available on Amazon

[Season finale (a real downer!)]

An attempt to rescue three men in a Zodiac life raft, during a severe storm, failed. Three of the men attempting the rescue, drowned as well. Chegwidden (C) sent Turner (T) to the Thomas Lyons to investigate, where he was stonewalled by the captain claiming to have a “classified” mission. Turner found little information, but when he went to fax his report back to C, the communications officer said he would have to “check” the names in T’s report against those on the “list” which were not to be released. Looking over his shoulder, T saw that Webb (W) was one of the classified three, who had been drowned. Webb had told Mac (M) that he was going to Germany, and promised that he would make his absence bearable for her by communicating with her every day. She began receiving German gifts, including a German singing group, and had flashbacks of their last few times together and his promises. Turner returned and bumbled around M which made her suspicious. She went to Ws office and found Laurie June, his assistant, closing out his office. She discovered that Laurie had been sending M the presents, as if they had been sent by W himself, and tricked her into admitting that W was in the Tripler morgue.

Mattie (Mt) began wearing her mothers old locket and told Harm (H) that her dad had not done any prison time after he had “killed her mother” by being drunk. That didn’t make sense to H who investigated the police report and found that her father had not been drunk. Harm talked to Mattie’s father, Tom, at his rehab facility, and heard him blame himself for being in “denial,” and for not paying attention, which made him skid on the ice. He had the letters, that his wife had sent to him, and gave them to H for Mattie to read. Mattie refused point-blank, but then didn’t come home from school and missed her first Al-a-Teen meeting. She walked in, just as Coates (Co) and H were calling the police, then stormed into her room refusing to talk. Later she told H that she had read the letters and was reconciling with her father.

Chegwidden began, according to Coates, “loosing it” by: singing “Ta Dah” after giving Harriet (Ht) a commendation from the SECNAV for her USO Christmas show; calling T by his first name; and giving Bud (B) two eagle bookends to “thin out his stuff.” He discussed with B the “solid ceiling” he had on his rank, due to his handicap. Then he reserved the Annapolis officers club for his formal “dining out” party. He started the rumor, with Co, that he was retiring, and gave her the manual for the Dining Out saying he would appoint an officer as “Mr. Vice.” Harriett announced that she was pregnant, with twins, and was requesting an inactive reserve billet. Chegwidden appointed Ht as “Madame Vice” and had bagpipes play as he made his entrance as the “President of the Mess.” Mikey (Mk) was charged with having his glass empty, and requested B as his counsel. Bud explained the infraction, and Mk was fined $5 to charity. Harm toasted C that his retirement would “take him to a place of peace, contentment and natural fibers.” Chegwidden gave a great speech about spending time with his daughter, visiting ball parks, and how he would remember everyone. As his last official act as JAG, he swore B in as Lt. Cdr., having written a six page letter to the promotions board. He was shown walking out of the club in slow-motion, looking back at everyone and remembering.

Mac had worsening back pain and H made a doctors appointment for her. The doctor said it was referred pain, and ordered a laparoscopy. She was shown giving M the results, but they weren’t revealed out loud. She eventually talked with H and complained that men just “seem to come and go” in her life, except for him. When he said he would always be there for her, she said there was something that he had to know, and told him. He recalled for her their 5-year agreement which was up this week and told her: “the offer still holds.”

[So, it’s anyone’s guess what next season will be like – let’s hope they are not going to mess with a good thing! … Addendum, sorry to say: “They did” – mess around with a good thing that is. Characters were added which were completely out of character for the series and both confused and offended their fan base. Mac and Harm went into “parallel play” to the point that the series lost much of what it had. Producers experimented with odd styles of filming and sound, designed to capture the “teen” audience who evidently had no interest in JAG – so, it was cancelled. CBS didn’t want the senior audience which the series had amassed and would rather cancel it than put up with the older age group as audience.]

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